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It’s not the fans that Pep Clotet needs to impress, and he’s doing a good job so far – Opinion

Image for It’s not the fans that Pep Clotet needs to impress, and he’s doing a good job so far – Opinion

I was kind of hoping that when he was given the job on a permanent basis that I wouldn’t have to be writing something like this so soon.

But given the reactiongiven the reaction that followed Pep Clotet’s comments after the Blackburn Rovers game, I felt like it’s time that the record needed to be set straight on something. Clotet is not going to be going anywhere soon, and the evidence is pretty clear.

Not only have the board only just shown some faith in him at the start of the month by appointing him permanently, but alongside that, they’ve allowed him to make changes to his backroom staff with the appointment of Alberto Escobar. Not only that but when you look at Brian Dick’s comments from a few weeks ago, it’s clear that he has the backing of the board because they are fulfilling the duties that they have set out for him.

And that’s the crucial part in all of this, so long as he keeps the board on his side, things aren’t going to change.

It sort of goes back to what I’ve been saying all season long about expectations, and that whilst Blues fans might think that they should be higher up the table, the fact is that the deck has been stacked heavily against us in regards to Financial Fair Play from last season, so for anyone to think that anything is possible in this campaign just isn’t thinking straight.

That’s why it’s both counter-productive and pointless to start calling for him to be sacked this season, because to judge him on results just wouldn’t be fair.

This season is and should always have been about setting the foundation for 2020/21, and barring a relegation fight, which given we’re eight points clear of the bottom three right now isn’t in our immediate future, I’m not going to be calling for any more changes at the club when it comes to the dugout.

Will Pep Clotet stay in the dugout all season?





Hopefully you won’t either.

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