Date: 28th December 2019 at 8:00am
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I was kind of hoping that when he was given the job on a permanent basis that I wouldn’t have to be writing something like this so soon.

But given the reactiongiven the reaction that followed Pep Clotet’s comments after the Blackburn Rovers game, I felt like it’s time that the record needed to be set straight on something. Clotet is not going to be going anywhere soon, and the evidence is pretty clear.

Not only have the board only just shown some faith in him at the start of the month by appointing him permanently, but alongside that, they’ve allowed him to make changes to his backroom staff with the appointment of Alberto Escobar. Not only that but when you look at Brian Dick’s comments from a few weeks ago, it’s clear that he has the backing of the board because they are fulfilling the duties that they have set out for him.

And that’s the crucial part in all of this, so long as he keeps the board on his side, things aren’t going to change.

It sort of goes back to what I’ve been saying all season long about expectations, and that whilst Blues fans might think that they should be higher up the table, the fact is that the deck has been stacked heavily against us in regards to Financial Fair Play from last season, so for anyone to think that anything is possible in this campaign just isn’t thinking straight.

That’s why it’s both counter-productive and pointless to start calling for him to be sacked this season, because to judge him on results just wouldn’t be fair.

This season is and should always have been about setting the foundation for 2020/21, and barring a relegation fight, which given we’re eight points clear of the bottom three right now isn’t in our immediate future, I’m not going to be calling for any more changes at the club when it comes to the dugout.

Will Pep Clotet stay in the dugout all season?





Hopefully you won’t either.

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6 Replies to “It’s not the fans that Pep Clotet needs to impress, and he’s doing a good job so far – Opinion”

  • Funny how he was only given the job full time after Gary Monk took the piss out of his job title before the game with Sheff Weds, the only person on the board he has backing from is Ren and that’s only because he gave him the job. The head honcho from TTA whose name escapes me is apparently not as impressed and from what i’ve heard Sunday could be Peps last game if we fail to win. Fyi it wasn’t Pep who brought in Escobar it was the board.

  • As I mentioned in a previous post the remit from Ren to Pep at the start of the season that it was a Top 6 finish minimum, now it seems that survival is the number one aim and looking at Wednesdays Team selection I think that is the case.I just think Pep/Zen have tried all these different formations over the course of the season and they have not been all that successful,the team selections have not been consistent, players in one match out the next and I think its got to the point where survival is of the utmost priority now. What we desperately need is a plan like a Brentford/Sheffield United, one with a good Manager, if it takes 3/4 years I am sure most of us fans would not mind that but this Board want instant success,great football and that does not work unless you can Bank roll the Club and I do not believe we can do that looking at the finances.

    • It amazes me this business of wanting “instant success”, they sacked the best manager we’ve had in years and possibly could of given us a top 6 finish this season and given time probably could of built a team to be proud of, and they replace him with a guy with a poor track record that doesn’t seem to know his arse from his elbow!!!.

  • Getting sick of whining Blues fans. We sold a man who scored 20 goals last year. Without him we would have been relegated irrespective of the points deduction so was Monk all that brilliant really? Monk’s football was also dreary and he seemed to put his mate the agent’s concerns ahead of the club that employed him.
    Pep might not be the greatest manager but his hands are tied by the idiot CEO Ren who wants champagne football out of a bottle of Mateus Rose, (that shows my age). If we had a scorer as prolific as Adams we would be well up the division, and if our defence was competent, we’d be OK as well, it is not the manager’s fault if professional defenders are playing like parks players.

  • The two “Ifs” you mention were obvious from the start and neither were addressed last Summer. Pep brought in Giminez and we lost Morrison. Result fewer goals being scored and mostly by mid-fielders and defenders and worse a leaky defence and 4 sub-standard goalkeepers. If it is not Pep’s fault and Ren makes all the decision we will never get a decent manager willing to work with those constraints.

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