Date: 22nd August 2019 at 7:00pm
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There’s a reason I encourage people to leave comments on my articles.

Because every once in a while it will give me a nice idea and a jumping-off point for another article. So with that being said, I’d like to take a moment to thank Raj for his remarks on my piece yesterday surrounding Pep Clotet and his promises.

“The owners also have to share the blame. What is Pep’s title? Care taker manager till the end of the world!! For heaven’s sake make head coach.”

And I must say that Raj has got it spot on here. It’s something that I’ve been curious about for a while, but just never found the right way to phrase it.

As Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character Art Howe put it in Moneyball “a 1-year contract says the same thing to a manager as it does to a player: There’s not a lot of faith there”. And the same can be said for the title of ‘caretaker head coach’, there’s not a lot of faith being put in a head coach with the name ‘caretaker’ in front of it.

Whilst the Blues board said at the time they appointed him that they are “not actively seeking” another manager “at this time”, how much faith are you putting in a man who you can’t even get round to giving him the official title of head coach.

What sort of confidence does that inspire in the players if they can’t fully get on board with the manager because they know that at any time they could be playing for a new boss? The result against Birmingham aside, I’m also not counting the Portsmouth one because it was clear from the outset what the club’s intentions were regarding that competition, Birmingham have made a good start to the season and there is plenty to build on.

As I’ve said before, with some of the signings the club have made, there is a bright future ahead for this club. But everyone has to be on board, and that starts by making sure everyone is on the same page going forward. The sooner the club makes his title official, the sooner the team can kick on.

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3 Replies to “It may seem small, but something is holding the club back – Opinion”

  • Cannot agree more with your comments but you have to read into the reasons why the Board have done it, basically Blues were or still am I presume broke, all the sackings in the close season were to my mind cost cutting ie Monk not replaced as such, the same as Richard Beale. Pep appointed but as a Caretaker but on what wage???? was he given the same Salary as Monk ????I doubt it and the Title he was given just makes it easier for the Board to get rid of him if things go wrong. It his early days yet, some really good signs of progress but Pep has a very long way to go before he can feel secure and get the Coach/Manager Title

  • Spot on Tracey although I don’t think Blues are broke.

    Pep is unproven and I dare say really happy with the opportunity to earn a reputation and consequently a title more worthy. I’m sure he is man enough to complain if he isn’t happy with the situation and doesn’t need advice from a naive journalist.
    All we hear from Matt is uncertainty and negative comments, yet he wants the club to give an official title and security to a coach he isn’t at all sure of. The mind boggles.

  • My first proper match Tuesday and was surprised and relieved at the performance. Barnesley posed little threat to our goal so we were able to play our nice football without ever much fear we could lose. Two good goals, introduction of the next cult hero. Two things bug me, one being that we have to keep a clean sheet to win. Not going to happen and the points dropped so far have been due to some dire defending. Point 2 we are skint yet we can buy development players who are not part of the squad. The much vaunted Crowley warmed the bench, Clark-Salter not good enough to get in our brittle defense. All this and the youth team got gubbed 4-0 at the week end.
    Living on the south coast I have followed the three lads at Crawley. Lubala has 4 goals in 4 !
    We as Bluenoses have always lived in a half-filled glass mentality. If shit can happen it will and usually to us. On target for 81 points today Sunday it could be 64 or 92. Where’s my tablets!!

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