Date: 13th March 2016 at 10:55am
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This week I have chosen Dominic Iorfa to be the one to watch for Wolves mainly due to his pace and determination to get forward with great effect. This can be read on the Vital Birmingham site. This article is going to compare him with one of our fullbacks; Grounds.

In terms of how they play the role, it is very hard to compare. Iorfa loves to get forward and with his large stride length, he can certainly put a shift in for his attack. In contrast to this, Grounds has a much more conservative approach. He often holds back and will focus on his defensive duties whilst letting the man in front of him on the wing fill any creative gaps.

If we include cup competitions for Iorfa, he has played 36 games this season compared to Grounds 37, so the stats should be pretty similar. Grounds has made 161 clearances compared to Iorfa’s 96. This is a very big difference but I think the main reason will be that Iorfa likes to hug the touchline where as Grounds is more likely to get compact and really be in and around the six yard box if needed. Iorfa also likes to stay forward meaning his centre back has to cover which equates into less clearances.

In terms of most of the other stats, they are virtually level. Grounds has made 13 blocks compared to 10 for Dominic. This would usually be from crosses but Grounds also does like to get a challenge in if the ball drops to an advancing midfielder. Iorfa is also more aggressive in the tackle picking up 2 more yellow cards than Grounds as well as committing one more foul.

The main difference between the two is not themselves as players but how they’re asked to play. Iorfa is happy to cut inside and play the easy ball. He is very comfortable in position at all times and this is shown via a range of passing and dribbling. Grounds is much less able on the ball. That doesn’t mean he is not talented, just that Dominic is a lot better. In terms of crossing, Grounds is much more along the ground or slightly lifted where as Iorfa likes to get a lot of whip on the ball and hit it with some power. They just have the same outcome but very different styles.

Due to the amount of times that Dominic Iorfa likes to get forward. I can see Grounds vs Iorfa being a direct match up and due to the latters pace, it may cause a bit of disruption to the Birmingham shape.