Date: 6th May 2020 at 9:00am
Written by: Mark Day

Well, this is certainly one fun way to pass the time whilst we wait for football to return.

Although I do think they could have done the youngsters a little bit more of a favour by bringing in some more modern names into the equation, just so they can have someone they can relate to in all of this.

The Blues posted a little bit of a challenge on their Twitter page the other day, in which they asked fans what their perfect combination of Blues ‘classics’ of years gone by would fans prefer to have. They asked fans to pick one crest, shirt, ex-captain and ex-manager they were, or just which was their favourite out of the options available.

Are you struggling to cope with there being no real football on?





As I said, it kind of left out the younger generation, but it was nice to see that there were plenty of responses from a wide variety of fans, with some rather quirky reasons why being given, and others wondering why some famous faces were left off the menu.

What would be your choice in this situation? For the record, my favourite combination would be C2F7

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