Date: 14th June 2018 at 7:00pm
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In a surprise announcement this morning, the club revealed we had agreed to a naming rights deal for both the stadium and the training ground.

For the next three years, the ground will be called St Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium.

On Twitter, some fans felt the deal would give the club some much-needed income, while others weren’t so sure about the decision:


With St Andrew’s still being in the name, I can’t see anyone calling the stadium anything different, even with the new sponsorship deal.

The club are trying to find ways to bring in money to support the team and what they claim will aid in “improving the playing squad.”

If it does help us finance moves for new players, I am all for it to be honest with you. We need to increase revenues to give ourselves more flexibility in the transfer market. Anyway, it certainly sounds better than Kitkat Crescent which used by York City’s stadium name!

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4 Replies to “‘How Embarrassing’ ‘I’m Happy’ – Birmingham Fans Divided Over St Andrews Decision”

  • A quotation from Romeo and Juliet goes….”A Rose By Any Other Name Smells Just as Sweet”.
    Meaning names of things do not affect what they really are.

  • There is nothing really in a name the fact that it clears deaths and also put more money into the club is a good thing. Also on Twitter there was 570 replies this morning and 80% of those was in favour so really all is this is doing is making out that the more people was against them for when it’s the other way around. Keep Right On.

  • More to the point by next summer Dragon Villa will have acquired the majority of shre holding.thus paving the way for total new ownership.Good news all round as TTA get exposure for three years whilst Dragon Villa can pump in money through ‘sponsoring’ TTA ‘ and by -passing FFP. After the three year contract period I would expect TTA to be dropped totally. Clever move this by Dragon Villa and ‘Mr King’.

  • TTA never wanted to run a football club.They move in and rescue at a decent profit and long term involvement is not their game.Perhaps we will never know the true costs involved but they came in at a critical time via E&Y and we must be thankful.Dragon Villa are hopefully the real deal whoever they are. Good business all round.

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