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How do Blues fans feel our season should end

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It’s not just Birmingham City fans who hope that this hiatus in the current football season can eventually be completed in fulfilling the necessary fixtures.

There’s been much talk and plenty of suggestions from the sporting world about how we move forward, but what does appear to be lacking however, is the view of the humble football supporter such as ourselves.

This rather short, but simple article, is to invite Bluenoses to offer their own suggestions.

As far as I know, not many individual football clubs have had supporters voice their opinions. We at BCFC, in my opinion, are a great deal different and do have a fan base who are both passionate and opinionated about football.

This dreadful period we are going through, with everybody’s hope that this coronavirus can be defeated and thus save lives, will pass and normal life can return. Therefore looking ahead, as we must, it would be interesting to read what our club’s supporters feel would be their take on how this season could be played out to a fair and satisfactory conclusion.

This is the ideal platform.

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  • Hatton says:

    Play all games asap behind closed doors. Players cleared of the virus to participate.

  • Chris says:

    From a Blues point of view I wouldn’t care less if they scrapped the remaining games of this season in all divisions and just held the play offs in June or sooner if possible, the problem with that though is the teams in the relegation zones wouldn’t be happy and nor would any team still capable of a play off place or even automatic promotion. This is the obviously the hardest decision the PL & EFL are ever going to face and the longer this drags on it will be even more difficult bearing in mind the knock on effect it will have on next season. One thing I think they should do is scrap the domestic cup competitions for just next season so they can get next season finished on time because I’m sure it won’t be kicking off in August at this rate.

  • Mitchell says:

    Great comment Chris. Makes sense what you suggest.

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