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“He’s done naff all”, “not sure”- These Blues fans hesitant about forward’s future at the club

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If you can find me a player whose form was more affected by the restart of the Championship, I’d be glad to hear it.

Because I can’t think of one, off the top of my head anyway, who has had such a dramatic drop in numbers once the players returned than Birmingham City’s Scott Hogan.

Having scored seven goals in the eight Championship games since he arrived on loan from Aston Villa, he has gone without finding the net or even contributing an assist since then, and when presented with a golden opportunity to break that run of form against Charlton Athletic from the penalty spot, he missed not only the first effort, but also the rebound.

Which might have gone some way to changing people’s perception of him from a few months ago when he and Lukas Jutkiewicz were forming a great partnership.

Will the Blues be able to keep Hogan at the end of the season?





Because when @Blues_HQ asked if fans were confident in him being brought back, the majority didn’t seem to have much enthusiasm around the idea.

What about you? What do you think of Hogan’s situation?

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  • Michael Tomkinson says:

    let the new manager decide what players he wants , need lot more than a striker, new man needs to build a new team without owners interference (which wont happen)

    • Chris Martin says:

      Sadly I don’t think managers get much of a choice nowadays when it comes to bringing in new players, especially with Ren using us as his own personal football manager game.

  • steve says:

    Unfortunately, Hogan has slipped back into the player no-one wants, his pedigree gets him into clubs on loan but he is very soon just on the bench. Had a fantastic start at Blues but just before lockdown you could see things were going astray. Having returned from lockdown he is a totally different player, finds it difficult to stay on his feet, his sudden lack of ball control for a senior player is unbelievable, his passing is now inaccurate and the ball constantly just bouncing off him. He runs around and tries to chase down but I have never seen him intercept or make a tackle. He is so desperate to impress his assists have dried up. He is finding it difficult to jump for the ball and he has totally lost all sense of where the goal is. He is just not making a contribution.
    Incredible lack of confidence and it is really affecting his game. He could be a very expensive mistake.

  • debra rose says:

    We all know what Hogacan do he was on fire before the lockdown. Teaming up with Jukey,. he needs a goal to go in off his backside if need be to get his confidence back up. I would take a chance on him but we need to stay in the division first and then let see.

  • Roland Musto says:

    You don’t know what the lockdown done to his confidence at the end of the day he is very good and talented footballer i say if we can get him do so

  • R Smith says:

    The only clinical finisher we have had in years and some muppets say he has done naff all and adds little to the team. If we hadn’t signed Hogan we would be bottom of the table and down already. He has proved what he can do in a settled side which isn’t what we have had since the restart, yet some people whine about him. Wish they would go and watch the Vile instead. Will the owners pay for him? Wouldn’t put money on it. Will Vile sell when they are in the Championship again? Wouldn’t bet on it.

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