Date: 5th December 2017 at 12:07pm
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“Without goal line technology, we might have got away with that tonight”. My initial reaction to Steve Cotterill`s post-match comment was ‘wow`. But then a more worrying thought entered my mind. These were actual words from an actual football manager.

On the whole, I`ve backed Cotterill and defended him from the circling vultures but comments like this make it a lot more difficult to do so with my dignity intact.

I can accept the score line against Wolves. They are a much better team than Blues the pre-match fear was that an annihilation could be on the horizon. So, relatively speaking, 1-0 doesn`t show Blues in such a bad light.

But Cotterill claiming Blues ‘might have got away with it` but for the goal line technology – something bodies across the game campaigned vigorously for – shows the depth of the straws he`s currently clutching on to.

Cotterill went on to say “our second-half performance deserved something”. How can a team possibly deserve something from a game in which they`ve produced zero shots on target?

Undoubtedly, Cotterill has a difficult job. Uniting a squad of players sporadically put together by four different managers, all with contrasting styles, can`t be easy. Yet, I genuinely wonder if he is watching the same game.

Wolves didn`t get out of first gear, it was so easy for them once they had broken the deadlock after Jonathan Grounds had committed defensive suicide. From that point, the visitors weren`t great but neither did they have to be.

Blues rallied slightly in the second half with encouragement from the frustrated crowd. A few tackles went flying in, they huffed and puffed but, essentially, there was absolutely no suggestion of an end product anywhere on the pitch.


1. Unless you adopt out and out wide players who pepper the box with crosses, Lukas Jutkiewicz may as well be stroking a dog in the park. Che Adams would surely have been a better option in between Jota and Jeremie Boga.

2. Blues` struggles in front of goal haven`t been helped by the lack of a creative spark coming from midfield. Cheick Ndoye epitomises this better than most. His distribution, on the rare occasion he controls the ball, is absolutely woeful.

3. Steve Cotterill: should he stay or go? I find it hard to suggest sacking him after ten games in charge and, as we know better than most, a new manager doesn`t always offer a new dawn. Having a bit of ambition from an attacking-sense would be nice. Blues must improve, quickly. January is key and, if Cotterill is the one overseeing new signings, he must address the imbalance in the current crop.

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5 Replies to “He’s Cott to be joking”

  • With this season going from bad to worse,we now have a real danger within our midst.This is SC.He leaves out Adams and Davis,plays Grounds at left midfield,Jukey on the right wide and the awful Jota who is now a poor mans Fabrinni. Cotterill and his post match comments are shamefully naive.He must go surely as after Fulham we will need a Herculean effort to remotely claw back points.My fear was all about getting twenty points by Xmas-it now looks like 17/18 at best.We now expect relegation and sadly I would also expect the players also.

  • Ohio, I agree with some of your points. But I’d just like to correct a few things. Grounds was left wing back, not left midfield and Juke has never ever played wide right. Are you mistaking him for Gallagher? I feel you’re very harsh towards Jota. Clearly, he’s technically a very good, creative, attack minded player who is being defeated by a negative system. Jota needs players running into space, creating pockets of space, he simply doesn’t get that at Blues.

  • Rob,Last night Grounds was certainly playing a lot of the game at left midfield.Juke was wide right so often with little hope of using the ball effectively.There are so many questions that need clarity for Blues fans Rob,and I will get answers that I believe many will want to know.

  • Biggest question is why was Davis and Adams on the bench against Wolves.If injury worries were the reason then ok and understandable.However,if it were tactical by SC then I,for one,am totally finished with the logic of this hapless manager.Fulham will be his last throw to get anything.Dong Ren must be very,very near to calling an end to Cotterill as permutations,press talks,both pre match and post match embarrass everyone at the club and I am sure the hierarchy out in HK.

  • Cotterill is clueless. Jutkiewicz got no service. Get some wingers on and get crosses into the box. Play Adams behind Gallagher or Juke. Get midfielders forward to support the attack. Grounds is not a wing back he is way too slow. It isn’t working. Try something different. It is just the same crap week in week out. No shots in 90 minutes is a disgrace.

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