Date: 30th September 2017 at 6:42pm
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There’s an infection running through our football club at the moment and it starts with the players on the pitch.

No manager, owner or tea lady was responsible for the shambolic capitulation at Hull today – it’s about time the players took the flack. Once they step over that white line, the minimum expectation is effort.

Watch any of Hull’s six goals again. The defending was Sunday league standard and the performance of the midfield was an embarrassment.

David Davis and Craig Gardner offer absolutely no heart and no quality. Chieck Ndoye tries, granted, but he is a laughably poor excuse of a football player. Michael Morrison, more often than not in the last year, has been diabolical. Emilio Nsue is another in a long line of modern full backs who can’t defend to save his life. A cancer is gripping our club.

I’m not one of these fans who demands mind blowing football. I’m a working class lad watching a working class club – all I ask for is effort. And there’s too many players who don’t deserve to wear the royal blue shirt.

Gianfranco Zola was defeated by a bunch of overpaid men downing tools. They then managed to pull together for a few games under Harry Redknapp and save themselves from relegation to the third tier and, in the process, paper over all of the cracks.

It’s the fans who stick with them admirably as they did at Hull. The support for the players was first class. Quite honestly, most of them don’t deserve it.

Steve Cotterill will be glad he was there to witness the gutless display. While he may take the ‘clean slate’ approach when he takes his first training session on Monday, he will have today’s performance at the forefront of his mind.

Too many Birmingham City players have escaped the spotlight for far too long. It’s now up to Cotterill to give them an almighty dose of reality. And an almighty kick up the arse.



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  • Rob.i can sense your anger and we all share it believe me.What I would say is that this team cannot take this current championship league.It really is a bridge too far.Player for player compared to most teams are weaker,less easy on the ball and above all simply not brave enough. Nsue,Ndoye and Dean will surely be replaced by Colin Morrison Roberts and Grounds.This I feel certain Cotterill will do.He must go with a compact midfield with Keifenbeld returning.When Rowett took over from an 8-0 defeat by Bournemouth he took us to Wolves and played from then on with a no nonsense set up. We are without doubt a poor outfit with horrible buys by Harry and Zola-but this doesn’t solve the problem especially with our credibility in tatters.Cotterill needs Adams and Jota and I would imagine the likes of Ndoye,Nsue,Lowe and Gallagher will be left out.What is of concern is the form of Davis and Gardner.

  • 3 shots on target is only good for one goal , doesn’t matter what manager is in charge we do not seem to get much better with the shots on target , today we were taught a lesson on how to get shots on target . Having Gardner and Ndoye together who lack pace is a step to far for me and the same especially with our centrebacks being on the slow side as well , success is many parts that compliment each other , in saying that none of the first choice centrebacks have pace , so perhaps Ndoye s extra all-round skill might be suited better at centre back and perhaps a more attack minded midfield would be better to peg back attack minded teams …

  • Too many Birmingham City players have escaped the spotlight for far too long. It’s now up to Cotterill to give them an almighty dose of reality. And an almighty kick up the arse.

    Rob isn’t that what HR did after Burton and got criticized by many Blues fans for damaging their morale. He bought in so many new players in an attempt to start over and then got the sack without having a realistic length of time to work with them. That sounds like a joke not a reality!
    I agree the players should take more responsibility, also a cancer is gripping the club. I believe the cancer is from the top down though,not bottom up. In other words I blame the owners for the the crazy ‘panic button’ decision they made. Once they got rid of HR I knew we were in trouble. The squad he inherited isn’t good enough and the players he signed were for the most part signing because they wanted to work under him, which the owners took away from them without giving it a real chance to work. That’s 16 players deflated right now plus the few he publicly praised such as Davis, Gardner and Adams all wondering what is going on. They had the opportunity to play for a club under a manager with Champions League experience and within a few weeks have now got a manager who has previously always failed at Championship level. If that isn’t depressing I don’t know what is? Then add the atmosphere created by the players who are glad to see the back of HR because they wasn’t being picked, or enjoying training, and you start to understand the problems in the club a little better, and possibly why they aren’t fighting for the shirt. These are dark times for BCFC indeed, imo created by owners ‘who don’t know what their doing’. And I hate to say this; but I wouldn’t want to wear that precious blue shirt myself right now either!

  • No – giving them a kick up the arse isn’t publicly slagging them off for months on end which is what Redknapp did so well. Add to that the fact he rarely turned up for a full training session, you can see why he was sacked. Cotterill, if nothing else, is a principled coach who won’t take any *****. He may not have achieved much in the championship but to manage the club’s he has in the state they were in and still not have a relegation on his CV is decent.

  • What now is very evident is that supporters are rapidly becoming disconnected with the club.When this happens it quickly turns to dislike of everything within it.We felt like this with the dark Carsen Yeung/Pannu days and the immediate aftermath of Rowett’s sacking.Gates tumble,fans begin to get cynical and match days are dreaded.At this moment,I am not only feeling anger with what’s going on but for the first time ever I truly do not like the club.

  • Rob I don’t buy the reasons for HR sacking as you suggest because I’m not naive. If the owners had a problem with him criticizing the players publicly they only had to tell him to stop, not pay him all that money to leave. I don’t think the owners are football people but you don’t reach their level by wasting millions of pounds. They’re astute business people if nothing else! In regards to training, managers have staff relaying their ideas to the players so they don’t have to spend all their time on the training pitch. Its a team effort, and managers trust their staff with responsibility. Did you ever hear the Man U players moaning about Ferguson being in his office whilst they were training? No, because it is part of the modern game for goodness sake. So what is your idea of kick up the arse? Slagging them off privately for months on end when not doing what they are asked to do? I wish I had your optimism for SC I really do.

  • There’s a difference between sitting in your office and not actually being at the training ground at all. Redknapp was well known for not turning up. And if you really want to excuse these reasons, fair enough. How do you excuse six straight losses? A manager not being around etc is fine. A manager not being around when the team is losing every week is unacceptable.

  • Personally I would just rather deal with facts and not rumour based gossip and slander probably started by a bloke in a local boozer. But I will address the ‘A manager not being around when the team is losing every week is unacceptable’ quote for your sake. The 6 loses was actually over a period of just 30 days. We lost 5 league games in a row and 1 cup game against a prem team, over a period of just 30 days. 3 games in 8 days one week and then 3 games in seven days another week. How many days of that two week period with 6 games to play would have been on the training ground anyway realistically? I would imagine not that many with travelling logistics, rest days and match days to navigate. So obviously now having to discard that two week period with 6 games to play and recover from, the whole ‘he was never there’ label which someone has started was based on a short two week period. I think we can both agree there is not much mileage in that slanderous accusation when you unpack it with real logic.

  • So now with the silly accusation quashed. Let?s look at the 5 league losses in a period of squad upheaval when 16 new players were being integrated, 4 of which came in on the last day of the transfer window, giving HR just one week with the full squad in which we had 3 games to play. Surely those challenges should have been taken into consideration, as well as the encouraging signs displayed in some of the games, regardless of not picking up any points. It?s not as though we were played off the park in every game. We certainly didn?t get hit for 6 did we? Sam Allardyce lost 5 in a row when taking over at Palace, but the board stuck with him and he turned it around. They didn?t panic and trusted him because he had a decent mid-table Premier League managerial record. We had a manager who had achieved Champions League football and we sacked him. Maybe you think 5 straight league defeats in a period of just two short weeks with the challenge of 16 new players to work with, is a justifiable reason for a manager to loose their job, but I don’t, I see it as ridiculous!

  • For all of us I believe Cotterill was right to tell his new players that the new season starts as from today. Total clean sweep together with Adams and Jota returning should see a lifting of a dark cloud.We have always backed our managers and Cotterill will be no different.Forget the horrible season so far and hopefully look forward to a new beginning. Believe me this is the best way of coping with supporting Blues and I speak after 50 years of mainly miserable Saturday afternoons!

  • I agree Harry should’ve been given a few more games. Nice to see Xuandong making an appearance at Cotterills appointment. Zola and Harry had no one at their unveiling. Agree Rob the performance against Hull was unacceptable. Cotterill seems very happy to take charge. While kicking arses is one thing. What SC needs to do is galvanise the team and playing as an effective unit. Forget what SC has done previously judge him on what he does here.

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