Date: 19th November 2019 at 8:00pm
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Goalkeepers at Birmingham City is not an issue. It shouldn’t be a debate.

We simply haven’t a good’un. Whether it’s Camp, Stockdale, Trueman or Ramos, we need to look further up the pitch. Simply put, if goals for were outnumbering goals against then this continual debate wouldn’t exist.

Yes, Camp is questionable but if Clotet feels he is the best of what we have at the Club, then so be it. The January window might alter things but getting into a challenging position in the league is the key. Goals win games and this cliche has always been banded throughout football by almost every fan, manager and pundit. Boring as it is, it is just true.

Strikers at the club simply have to live up to their name and score. Jutkiewicz and Gimenez, Bailey and Bela, Maghoma and Montero – the list goes on, with fans crying out for match winners. Systems need to change and tactics need to be employed to accommodate what we have at the club and that means if we are not hitting the net as we should, then find another way. This is what Coaches and backroom personnel are paid to do.

Slinging blame on a number one is destructive and certainly not productive, even though I agree with the majority of supporters that our goalkeeper is a liability. It is understandable that the Fulham clanger was the last straw for most of us and I include myself, but after a week now on reflection – it really is a matter for outfield players to compensate by scoring goals. Since Fulham we have seen bucket loads of criticism for Lee Camp but not much condemnation for those upfield.

Time for a shift in thought.

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7 Replies to “Goalkeeping blunders are taking the eye off the real problems at Blues”

  • At last someone has put the blame where it belongs – we apparently have a goalkeeping coach who has 4 keepers but can’t produce one who we can rely on. Who is he and why is he not in the spotlight???

  • Can’t believe our stupidity – we brought in a known suspect keeper and a known injury prone winger. We disregarded the EFL transfer to get Pedersen. Why do we keep pressing the self-destruct button??

  • Strange headline

    You blamed Camp for everything recently

    Like I said if we could finish the keeper issue would not be spoken about.


  • Come on mr Taylor the reason why we keep pressing the self destruct is because we are blues it’s always been the same and I dont think it will ever change all the time I have a hole in my arse

  • Yes we do need to score more that much is plainly evident but if you keep clean sheets then you do not loose a game simple as but we seem incapable of doing that at the moment which is worrying.

  • What passes most supporters by is the very real fact that we are an ordinary Championship club and team.Promotion to the Premier League or even a top six spot is wishful thinking. Goalkeepers and good strikers we simply do not have at a quality level.It may take years to get where we want, but enjoy the games and just get to that forty odd points we need to compete again next season. We are exactly what we are a club who has scored just about one goal per game and a -5 goal difference.

  • The problem is that every time a shot goes towards goal my heart skips a beat. Unfortunately I have no confidence that Camp will not fumble the ball.
    The game is about confidence. That confidence should go right through the team and at the moment, if the panthers feel like I do, I really believe it affects our performances.
    Every keeper will make 5-6 howlers per season costing points. That has already happened with Camp this season.
    I agree it is a while team issue, but I really believe that if we had a keeper as reliable as an average keeper in the league we would be in the top 6 As a minimum…. whether you think we should be or not.

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