Date: 15th January 2017 at 11:43am
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Upon his appointment as Birmingham City manager in December, Gianfranco Zola conceded his uncertainty about his future should he fail to obtain a play-off place come May.

The remit for his job was nebulous given the lack of communication from the clubs new owners, Trillion Trophy Asia. Seemingly, an emphasis was placed on a captivating brand of football, something that comes as naturally as breathing to a man like Zola who was enchanting back in his own playing days.

Ask a Watford supporter or a West Ham supporter to contemplate on their respective club’s time under Zola’s stewardship and the widely held admission is that Zola’s teams are always entertaining.

It’s only fair to acknowledge that Zola’s time at St. Andrews is in the embryotic stage. After inheriting a squad of limited capability, to modify the footballing habits that have been embedded into their personal culture for such a long period of time was never going to be facile. And so it is proving. Nonetheless, that Blues have progressed over the last month is indisputable.

However, that sought after place in the end of season lottery is becoming increasingly distant. Yet while the actual specification of Zola’s job remains unspoken, we can only speculate as to what will happen in the summer as Birmingham City prepare for another season in England’s second tier.

Dismissing Gary Rowett was a bold call considering Blues’ position in the league at that time. So one would assume that Zola will receive full backing, and resources, to embark on his first full season in charge – that is when the real expectation will take a hold.

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9 Replies to “Gianfranco Zola: today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain”

  • The ambition shown by TTA in being able to bring Zola to the club is a big enough statement for me. How many managers have turned us down over the years? Who needs words when they are worthless when nothing happens and things go wrong as they often do in football? If they came out and spoke of their plans and divulged how much they are going to invest we would all set expectations and then chant for the board to be removed. IMO they are going about things in the perfect way at the moment and all we have to do is speculate in a rational manner. Actions are speaking louder than words at the moment and long may this progress continue.
    The problem I see at this time given our status will be in convincing players to come and join us on our journey. Zola believes otherwise he wouldn’t have signed up for the trip, but it may take a bit longer to get us looking like we mean business before we get better caliber players believing it too.

  • Thats all we’ll and good but it’s football and we need to start putting points on the score board. We need a left back and a stricker. And thats no lie. Gardner and adams also cottrol player lovely football Saturday. Keep right on.

  • What is unusual about our situation regarding Zola is that we have never heard a statement from our new owners. Normally clubs give their supporters an overall view of the future-not so with TTA.We assume that a new playing style and recruitment of better players is on the horizon and possible next season will be the telling one. All of this is of course guesswork on our behalf. Zola appears an isolated manager with a kindly manner and a gentle charisma,which we all hope will benefit the club. All fans wish to see him do well. After a run of games resulting in meagre points cannot be ignored and I suspect this January window has taken on a new u-turn in view of the distance from the play offs. Getting Jukey and Gardner over the line is progress for now,but the question is whether TTA will add to unspent money in the close season.As always with BCFC it is anyone’s guess.

  • Sorry I don’t see it yes Zola was big name player but a nothing as manager. Rob you assume we will be in the championship we could be in league 1 our form suggests it 2 points from 15 abysmal. Rob Dismissing Gary Rowett was a stupid call. OK we cant do anything about that but how can we back a manager that is leading us down to league. How can we back a board that hides away and tells us nothing. This hole thing is utter crap. Get real wake up. And give Zola 20mil
    To repair the damage and keep us UP. KRO

  • Zola badly needs a win. It’s a results based game and 2 points from 15 is relegation form. I’m not sure what the worst start by any manager is in BCFC history but Zola has to be down there. Under Rowett many of us felt given the funds and a few decent additions to the squad we could have been challenging for a top 6 place. The football was dire but somehow we were getting results. Changing manager has derailed any hope of making the playoffs this season. While we are in transition trying to change our football philosophy results have suffered. It is just as well that we have a decent haul of points or we would be in serious danger of relegation. A large section of the crowd is frustrated that we have got rid of one of the brightest young managers for a manager who hasn’t exactly pulled up any trees wherever he has managed. Patience is required by both the fans and the board but if we go another 4 games without a win I can see the fans and the board losing patience.

  • If reports are true and Zola wants Vaughan back from Bury,then we all know what monetary class we are in. Nuf sed.

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