Date: 8th July 2020 at 8:00pm
Written by: Mark Day

OK, now I’m definitely starting to panic.

And it’s going to be very interesting to see what Pep Clotet has to say after the game, because for all his comments before the game, something that the fans ripped into him for, there certainly wasn’t much of a response from the players today (beyond the 5th minute that is).

Blues slumped to yet another defeat this evening, falling at home to Swansea City, leaving them still winless since the season restarted and sliding ever closer to being in a proper relegation battle.

Should Clotet go now or at the end of the season?





It was meant to be a major opportunity for Clotet’s men to finally put a marker down for the rest of the season, especially considering our next two games are against teams that are also scrapping to stay in the division, and when the full time whistle went, fans were not scared to hold back what they thought about the team, the manager, the board, everyone after their latest abject display.

What about you? What did you make of that result?

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9 Replies to ““Get rid of them all”, “Disgraceful”- Many Blues fans have had enough after latest crushing loss”

  • Pep has had his time, he MUST walk now!! He hasn’t got the players playing for him!!
    Then the club needs to be sold, Dong is a disgrace as are the rest of the board – they haven’t a clue about how to run a football club!!

  • 6 points from 30 that is relegation form,now the board WILL be panicking I bet,no desire,defense a joke and what is more I have a feeling that Wigan will get away with going into administration because of the unusual circumstances concerning the case and will not be docked 12 points and Barnsley have said if they are relegated they will appeal because of the EFL dithering about Sheffield Wednesdays punishment so we are in the doo doo big style.Is Harry available????

  • Can’t see us staying up. Wigan have 4 very winnable games left and if they win 3 of them we’re down. Hull have a couple of winnable games as well. I can’t honestly see where our next point is coming from. There’s no doubt it will come down to the last game again and this time I fear the worst!!

  • Since the Restart both Ren and Clotet have shown their total disrespect for the Championship. Even announcing Clotet departure on the eve of the nine game finish – not expecting teams below to mount a serious fight and thus catching up on us. As regards the players,I seriously feel they are looking elsewhere for employment. It shows. Also I very much doubt if a new Manager is even on the agenda.

    • The manager at any football club must be allowed to manage. The directors at brum want complete control over every fact of the club, right down to the tealady. No manager with any self respect will stay for long.

  • The writing is on the wall with our owners . They have consistently made bad decisions . Parting company with Monk , the ridiculous transfer policy bringing in inept Spanish Players who all failed to produce and allowing a lame duck manager to stay in place after his departure has been announced. Points deductions , bad managerial decisions , bad transfer policy etc etc
    Our luck will run out eventually . We have flirted with relegation too many times .

  • Good old Dong reminds me a metallica song SEEK AND DISTROY . Why have we had to endure so many years of shit and disappointment. Contest dodgey owners who don’t have a clue about football. Ever since gold and Sullivan left and Carson took over this is when it all started to fall apart oh sorry ripped apart . We need a descent new owner who cares about the club , Get a descent manager in who cares . Get rid of the dead wood and there’s few bits here
    I think the last four games should be played by youngsters yes we might lose but at least they would show some passion and heart

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