Date: 17th July 2018 at 5:00pm
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With Leeds ending their pursuit of David Stockdale after signing Jamal Blackman, and Ipswich tieing down Bartosz Bialkowski to a new deal, it means we will have to reconsider our plans for a new goalkeeper.

In yesterday’s post, I laid out three potential options: keeping faith with Connal Trueman, reintegrating our transfer listed keepers or redoubling our efforts to recruit a new number one.

Surprisingly, when I polled supporters about which solution we should look towards, recalling Stockdale and Kuszczak was the one most people went for:

We are talking about a lot of hypotheticals at the moment, with very little in the way of concrete information. The FFP issues could go away very quickly, and we could be in for frantic few weeks of signings before the close of the transfer window.

In contrast, the reported embargo could still remain in place. I think we have to be prepared for the worst scenario, and at least consider talking to either Stockdale or Kuszczak. I don’t think Trueman is ready for Championship football so ensuring we do have more options is of vital importance.

I would much prefer us to get a new signing through the door, but nobody knows if that’s possible currently. We will just have to play the waiting game.


7 Replies to “Get Him Back – These Fans Want Monk To Recall Transfer Listed Birmingham Star”

  • It’s a pointless poll your asking fans to look into a crystal ball in the next 3 weeks anything could happen

  • The fact is that we can’t afford his wages, and let’s face it Stockdale hasn’t actually endeared himself to the blues fans these last 2 months. With just over 3 weeks till the window closes on the 9th Aug for buying players, at least we will still be able to loan players up to the 31st and I think we’re going to need that extra time. I think blues we’re banking on getting a sell on bonus from the sale of Butland to balance the books a bit, but as he’s only just got back from Russia and will now probably be on holiday, the chances of him moving are looking a bit slim.

  • I simply could not understand why both keepers were told to go.One,maybe but both….curious. If the situation remains the same and we can’t bring anyone new in the Manager must consider the two keepers he is trying to get rid of and at least keep hold of one of them.
    Frustrating the impact of Redknapp’s spending,the owner has made so many mistakes,HOPEFULLY he has learnt a lesson and makes no more.


  • Frustration is the key word. We are once again the centre of attention. It could only be bcfc. Let’s be positive and hope the ban will be lifted in time for Gary to enter the market. We are crying out for 3/4 new faces. I would bite the bullet and reinstate Stockdale. KRO

  • I think GM will need to eat humble pie and reinstate one if not both of Stockdale and Kuszczak. I would rather one of those was in goal than Trueman.

  • Don’t bother getting a goalkeeper we have got Stockdale. He is a very good keeper, he clearly showed what he can do last game of the season. Don’t be silly give him a chance.

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