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“Geezer”, “world at his feet”: Lots of Blues fans gush over young mana and his comments

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You do wonder if people are ever going to run out of superlatives for the young lad.

Having burst onto the scene earlier this season, breaking the record for youngest player and then claiming the record for youngest goalscorer against Stoke City, there’s really nothing that this boy can’t achieve.

I’m talking of course about 16-year-old Jude Bellingham.

He recently spoke to EFL.com and having already left his mark on the club’s record books, he talked about how he doesn’t intend to stop there and hopes that many more records are going to be coming his way in the future:

“I just want to keep improving, try to break as many records as possible and be as successful as I can for Birmingham City. I want to keep maturing as a person and try to help people wherever possible.”

Words that were pretty much music to the ears of Birmingham City fans, who took to social media to express their joy at exactly what ‘one of their own’ has become, with one of them even going so far as to compare his maturity and attitude to a player from the other end of the Aston Expressway.

Would you like to see Bellingham pushed up the pitch more often when we return?





A fine point sir, especially after his display at the weekend.

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