Date: 7th May 2019 at 8:58am
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Written by Mitchell Bray

Garry Monk’s reassuring words this week about not wanting to leave the club is obviously welcome. He wants to continue after the last twelve months hard work and move forward.

All good and fine.

Couldn’t be better, could it?

Then we notice the word ‘clarity’ that Garry has spouted a fair deal this week regarding the state of the finances and what he has to work with, also he touched on how deeper the problems were when he arrived. Again the word clarity appears to be his maxim.

Hopefully, our hierarchy will take heed and listen to what our manager needs for next season.

My opinion is that Garry Monk wants to stay at the club and build a competitive squad that could challenge for a top six spot. At the moment we are nowhere near that. An overhaul is too strong a word for what is needed but I am sure Garry will need six players to begin the new campaign.

Midfield new-look taking priority. Poor possession stats can only carry us for a certain period before it bites, and holding players are essential. Barry Ferguson was the last I can recall.

Some commenters state Mark Ward as the last decent one. At the moment we have Gardner(G), Davis, Lakin and if pushed-Colin. Easy to understand the priority for the summer trading. Should Adams be sold, then three quality midfielders would be needed for preseason training.

Nothing, however, can be done without that word clarity, and for me, if Garry Monk gets it, likes what he hears then we can all enjoy what he tries to do in the summer. On a final note about our rollercoaster season, I would pay tribute to the club in offering that extra contract extension to Keifenbeld immediately after his cruciate injury.

This really does give everyone a lift and a sense that at Blues we are a caring club. We knock the owners a fair bit and justified at times, but credit them with this gesture. It goes a long way.

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3 Replies to “Garry Monk’s reassuring words for Blues fans.”

  • Until the first week of August when a Blues manager names a team to play we can take nothing for granted. We head into 12 weeks of none stop “BS”.

    it bothers me that the board do not know how to handle the relative good times and move us forward.
    With the exception of Chris Houghton very few Blues managers have left here to boost their careers. Gary should accept that piece of clarity. Why go from here where he is worshiped by Fans, owners and players alike. It’s his project now and after a good start he should finish the job. That should keep him here about 15 years

    • Good comments Alan. Appears you are seasoned well with the ups and downs of supporting Blues! If only we could keep our talented players and move on,just imagine Butland,Redmond and Gray for starters with Adams,Juke etc.

  • garry monk has done a fantastic job managing the blues this season he needs to be a bit more firmer with the squad, there’s been games where we’ve be extrodinary and some games where we have been poor but most of the time we just slack, I like garry I really do and our players are hard working so much! bring on next season and let’s see if we get a promotion if garry monk can carry on what he’s doing!!!

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