Date: 26th June 2019 at 10:13am
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Written by: Mitchell Bray

Almost two weeks after that fateful Thursday bombshell that Garry Monk had left the club, we now look ahead to new horizons.

Nearly everything has been said and read about the dismissal but little in the way of how our new management team approach the new season.

Now surely is the time?

In my opinion, we are on the edge as we currently stand between outright survival and at best mid-table. Losing Jota and Mahoney is not good, nor is the fact Keifenbeld is probably out for the season as reported at BBC Sport. Add Adams possible departure and things dim even more.

What we urgently need is crisp, sensible signings with vital positions covered including the goalkeeping slot. Pep Clotet and Beattie are no doubt well aware just how difficult this job is going to be for them after the Monk affair, but at the same time, they must embrace this as a great challenge.

When you look at Stoke City signings yesterday from the lesser fashionable clubs, it really brings it home that overspending clubs of recent years have got to get back to basics. Blues have a nucleus of good honest players with a few younger ones knocking on the first team door. Question is whether the ‘potential’ ones come in for a top half push or heaven forbid a relegation battle.

Again my opinion but I do not see many of the younger talent making that step up in the immediate future. Loaned out players such as Seddon may prove the exception with the prospect of Bellingham being elevated to the bench. Should Clotet feel Bellingham is ready for such an upgrade, then St.Andrews will certainly get more bums on seats.

Heaven knows we are crying out for a new hero.

Talking Blues and all the speculation is getting me down at the moment with days running out before the new season. New additions are needed quickly to sway the undecided whether to renew season tickets and get over the Monk debacle or not.

What would be detrimental to the fans is zero action in the transfer market and the general malaise that currently persists. Hopefully the aftermath to this recent happening will have a better outlook for us fans -over to you Pep.

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14 Replies to “Garry Monk: The Aftermath”

  • The dust is yet to settle on Thursdays bombshell. Firsty i think we are just playing the game with Clotet and the rest of Monks team. I doubt we would want to be paying them compensation when all we have to do is play the game and wait until Monk takes them to his new club. We then get compensation.

    I also think a new manager is being lined up and ready to jump in as soon as they leave. Remember Zola?

    As for the youngsters its a bit of a dream more than a reality. The step up to Championship football takes a lot more than skill. Its about knowing the game and having the physical strength to cope with players who do have these attributes. It would be brilliant to see more of them get some game time but when the stakes are high whether its challenging for the payoffs or avoiding relegation a manager will always place his trust in the ones with experience rather than risk players giving away possession or not making the right decisions on the pitch.
    It’s a big step up and you only have to look at Mahoney last season when he wasn’t covering the full back and we gave away opportunities and goals. He was getting it towards the end of the season but the saying goes that if you haven’t got it when you step onto the pitch you won’t discover it when you’re out there.

  • Club is finished and clearly Administration is just around the corner…WHY? Well no signings, Monk sacked and putting “closet”(!) in as a cheaper option, sharing a ground because they need some money, down in season ticket sales(well done supporters your finally getting the message),further cuts on the way…… No hope.

  • Absolutely no comment from me on this shower of rubbish(other than this)
    As it stands I’m finished with the club after 55 years,I wish all of you a happy summer and “after Blues”life

  • Sharing the ground isn’t about money, its about Cov not having anywhere to play. Yep the rent will come in handy, and as for Administration I’ve never heard such rubbish. The current goings on would not be happening if there wasn’t any money. Plenty of money just FFP rules restricting how much we spend.

  • Blimey when Malcolm X says this then it really is close up time for BCFC! Please Malc X whoever you are stay with us, your comments of the past are straight from the heart and I’m sure I speak on behalf of others and say its inspirational, you know what i mean.

  • Need some impetus quickly to get the supporters on board.New signings but decent ones not watered down emulsion that is seeping in at the moment.

  • Have to say Gazal, your in dream world mate, the club is is financial meltdown. There is no monies available for progression hence why they desperately needed the extra cash form CCFC, helping another club out what rubbish, this is the real world son.

  • Well all I can say is I’ve renewed but with lower expectations I fully expect a fight to stay up .I also dont expect clotet or the rest to be there beyond Christmas. I Also thing any money for Adam’s wont go to the club for players . It will go to underpinT,T.A. dong will get the sack. long overdue talk of playing kids is stupid Truman and lakin are not good enough. So I think we will go down and find ourselves in division 1 then who know what. That is one reason why monk went because he refused not to accept no signings.

  • Still plenty of time in reality to get signings in before the deadline. Just over a weeks time Pep Clotet will take the selected squad to Portugal for training and two matches.However I feel it very,very important that at least two new additions should be made. Basically we are just a couple of injuries away from a crisis.Should new players not arrive before Portugal then it could be a worry.

  • Mitchell, really admire your “talk up” but in all honesty the only players Blues are going to attract is a similar mediocre quality to what we currently have. The kid’s like Larkin,Townsend etc are just not good enough. Look at our local clubs(one somewhere in Aston,and WBA). They are bringing through really quality players, what is La Thug(Robinson) and his crew doing? Cmon get the scouts working on real gems not “run of the mill”. Respect Brian’s comments, I think his and my comments represents the general feeling around BCFC at the moment…just when I thought GM was going to have an opportunity to bring in some quality, whether that be purchased or loans…well we know what happened next…big question is what’s round the corner, you know what I mean

  • After today’s news regarding ADAMS farewell , I would urge Clotet and co to swiftly sign some decent named players.All we have as we stand is the stupendous news that Odin Bailey has agreed to stay at Blues.Fragile ice our club is standing on at the moment.

  • Maybe the timing of today‚Äôs Adams deal is not too surprising,with FFP accounts due on July 1st. Perhaps our friend Daniel Ivery (Almajir) can better clarify the actual date.

  • Let’s face it we use the kids and if this is the squad for 2019/20 then we will be playing league 1 football next season with crowds of about 11 thousand if lucky. we are finished

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