Date: 5th March 2018 at 8:21am
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Swansea City, Leeds United, Middlesboro, Birmingham City. Clubs managed by Garry Monk.

During his 156 games as a manager, Monk has a win percentage of 41.7%. Since the turn of the millennium, only two Birmingham City managers can boast a higher win ratio – Trevor Francis and Chris Hughton.

Monk’s managerial career may have taken a bump in the road after being sacked from Middlesboro, ironically his first opponents as Blues boss, just 26 games into his tenure but his previous work at Swansea City and Leeds United earned him praise in the national media.

Even his spell at the Riverside wasn’t a total write-off – with Boro three points off the play-off places at the time he was dismissed.

The 38 year-old was reportedly Blues’ first choice in the summer when it seemed likely Harry Redknapp wouldn’t wish to remain in charge.

Blues, and Monk, took different avenues but have eventually met at a crossroads.

His three-and-a-half contract (or three years and three months as it seems to be) will mean very little. The last three men in the St. Andrews hotseat have scraped just over a year between them. The assumption is that Monk’s future will depend on what division Blues find themselves in next season.

Does the appointment of a young manager offer a new dawn for the club – a fresh start? The owners will certainly hope so.

The players have dealt with too much upheaval recently which is one of the main factors as to why Monk takes over a team languishing in the bottom three.

Monk, who will be unveiled today, will speak of long term objectives. The only immediate aim is to stave off relegation once again.

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10 Replies to “Garry Monk: a new dawn or false hope?”

  • I really don’t know how I feel about Garry Monk coming in, at the end of the day it’s still the same players he’s got to work with and if he doesn’t hit the ground running it won’t be long before fans start to get on his back. At Leeds he had a case of Gary Rowett syndrome in that they dropped away in the second half of the season (just like Derby are doing now under Rowett!!), and at Boro he had much better quality players to work with yet he couldn’t get them going and didn’t even last half the season before being sacked. I think we have plenty of winnable games left to finish well above the relegation places IF we can get another good run going like we had in January. I really hope the players read into Monks philosophy pretty quickly otherwise it’s curtains for us.

  • The feelings are mutual WhoRya. Will Rowett keep his job if Derby don’t make the playoffs? The tide turned for him when he changed the dressing room in January with a couple of established players going out and a couple of new boys coming in. Players tend to be viewed as a commodity that you can buy and dispense of as you see fit, but they are humans, and just as we do in our jobs they can have an influence on those around them.
    SC took over at a bad time and had a massive job on his hands, and although the results in Feb are ultimately what cost him his job he has at least got a much better dressing room now and the players are fit. For a period of time he was able to pick his best 11 for every game and he got results, but since injuries and suspensions have taken a grip we simply haven’t got enough in the squad to cope. Confidence is now rock bottom, and just maybe if this can be addressed along with getting a natural left back from somewhere we might have a chance as the payers have proven they can just about do it. If Monk had come in instead of SC it could well have been him getting the chop right now, but at this time he stands a better chance.
    I like the balance and CV’s of his backroom team and i like him, but this is a results business, and for him and us I hope it works out.
    Steve Cotterill should be praised for the work he has put in and the dignity and professionalism he has shown since taking the job should be applauded. In my opinion he has not had the backing of the board and some of the supporters and media have been a disgrace. Anyone who thinks booing and slagging off players and management is productive needs to take a moment to think on how they would react if they had this on a large scale aimed at them. Its often said that fans can make a 12th man on the pitch, so as 12th man some of you might want to ask yourself if you put a good performance in.

  • Rob. Thanks for your up-to-the-minute coverage of the managerial crisis over the last few days. Not sure where you are finding the time to research and write so abundantly? But grateful for it……I have a large slice of realistic hope with this one. Partly because it’s been 5 months since I had any hope regrading Blues. And more importantly because I believe GM has the potential to be a top manager. I was tempted to say top English manager at first, but that has a slightly negative impression to it these days, with all the top PL managers coming from foreign shores………. For me the likes of GR & GM are the type of mangers who can possibly continue to improve to one day being considered with the top top managers in the PL. They are still young and will need to learn a lot but given time, I hope they become an inspiration for other young English managers…..

  • Bluesince1980. Rob doesn’t need to research he does the same as the rest of us and gets his info off Almajir on Facebook lol.??

  • “Steve Cotterill should be praised for the work he has put in and the dignity and professionalism he has shown since taking the job should be applauded.” Gazal, not sure whether you are related to SC or not?? But that statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. He came in making constant underhand digs at HR, and has consistently shifted the blame for every bad performance/result we have had, taking absolutely no responsibility whatsoever. This is not the behaviour of someone with dignity and professionalism. Although I agree with you about booing not being productive, and I would never boo the players or manager myself, I can understand those who get frustrated enough to do so, due to a combination of bad results and the manager talking in riddles to the media thereafter. The majority of Blues fans are not gullible, and they know when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes, this is why many turned on him with so much hostility……I think the dressing room is better now because the players have had more time to get to know each other, and those who were sulking have finally snapped out of it, more so than SC turning it around; I?m sure he had some input but not enough to award him a feather for his hat ???.. Has for the praise worthy job SC did under bad circumstances. When he took over we were 6 points above the bottom team, we are now just two. So please forgive me for not applauding someone who has taken us backwards! It wasn’t the results in February which cost him. It was the results in January weren’t enough to save him. Think about it?……… I’m also curious to what you thought/think about Harry Redknapp’s time at Blues?

  • SC was just crap. End of.
    And the supporters have every right to boo him.
    IMO Monk is just what we need and to be fear he was in 4th place with MB when he was sacked same as GR when he was sacked by our club. He quit Leeds he did not get sacked. I like his stile of play. Good times will come. KRO.

  • This appointment is not an eleven match salvage job but a mutual coming together of two parties that has lost its way.Monk needs to go back to basics just like ourselves.Should relegation happen then both parties are ready for it -hence the three year contract. He will have a head start on most League one sides with astute signings guaranteed.

  • It is interesting to see Bolton strengthening their side with out of contract players.Maybe Monk has a few irons in the fire.

  • Bluesince1980 – Thanks for your kind words. We use the sources and contacts we have available to get the best coverage we possibly can. While ‘WhoRYa’ has spotted one story which we got from Almajir (and I fully credited him with this) he is wrong is assuming that is where we get all of our news from.

    In fact, only one of the recent stories has come via that channel.

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