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“Fully deserved”- Plenty of Blues fans left delirious after news surrounding “unreal gunman”

Image for “Fully deserved”- Plenty of Blues fans left delirious after news surrounding “unreal gunman”

To say that I was over the moon when I heard this news would be pretty much an understatement.

I may be guilty of over-exaggerating what is only a minor update, but seeing as I’ve been going on about him since November, I think I should be afforded a little bit of slack on the matter.

The Blues announced last night that Miguel Fernandez has been handed the squad number 28 for the remainder of the season, dropping a major hint that he could be set to play a role in the final nine games of the campaign, something that I did hint at being a possibility back in April.

Should the club's young players get some game time at the end of this season?





With 7 goals in 16 competitive appearances in the academy this season, it’s clear he knows where the goal is, and the club tried to add some hype to the announcement by throwing up a montage of some of his best moments this season up on social media, something that the fans really responded to.

What about you? What do you make of this news?

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  • tracey tyler says:

    I do think he would have been included in the first team squad earlier but he was out with injury for a while.It is a fully deserved call up for Fernandez and i am sure he is going to be great asset for us. I have been championing his call up for a long time, he has class and so does Seddon, these are the players we should be building a Team around

  • Richard G says:

    While I welcome the news that Fernandez has received a squad number there is a world of difference between under 23 football and the Championship. My favourite to challenge Juke and Hogan for a striker place would be Jayden Reid.

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