Date: 4th October 2019 at 7:15am
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He probably could have chosen his words a little better in retrospect.

Pep Clotet spoke to the press ahead of tonight’s game with Middlesbrough, and there was certainly a lot to talk about.

And there was one topic in particular that got a lot of fans talking. Clotet was keen to talk about the ambition that the people at the club have, and how he isn’t worried about how things have gone so far:

“Some of the most ambitious people in this Club are in that dressing room, we know we’re on the right track & have three more points than this time last season, the lads have not lost confidence, we are not happy from the last few games, we feel we deserved more.”

Let’s just say that Blues fans weren’t too impressed with what they heard as they tore into Clotet for his comments. They pointed to his words after the Wigan game, with many of them believing that if he thinks a draw away to the Latics is acceptable, then their views on ‘ambition’ seem rather fair apart.

I think he needs to win sooner rather than later, not just to get some points on the board, but to get more of the fans on his side.

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8 Replies to “‘Either deluded or stupid I can’t decide’: Some Blues fans laugh off Clotet’s latest statement”

  • sorry but is this idiot for real , we revert to 442 which is what Monk was playing and got him the sack as boring football ,we bring in second rate players on the cheap and play same system , he couldnt pick from chinese menu, he needs to go and get houghton back before some one else takes him , we need the board out but this wont happen as we are their only access to hk stock exchange , they dont want a football club

  • Pretty obvious you are trying to get your idiotic propaganda flowing to get Pep out along with some of the playing staff. If you get your way I will delight in rubbing your face in the dirt when the changes you desire have no effect. You must surely be a Vile fan.

    Deluded and stupid does come to mind MB.

    • I’m actually very much on Clotet’s side in all this as a lot of my previous articles show, I’m just pointing out what other fans are saying.

      • So why dont you look for the positive or even neutral comments instead? Those of us who have life in perspective and have balanced views don’t like reading yobbish unintelligent views, and I doubt the players and staff would gain any motivation whatsoever from you digging in the dirt to promote it.
        If you are a true supporter you should be supporting the club and not trying to drag it down. IMO all three of you Vital Blues writers are nothing more than a terrace yobs.

        I’m off now and I hope you enjoy your unhappy life.

  • I just cant believe the rubbish coming out of his mouth . I watched the Wigan game and I have never seen such a disorganized bunch of players in all my time watching my beloved blues . I am so glad I cant make it to blues games anymore as I dont think the club deserves my hard earned money. The board and management need to go as it’s like living with Zola again.

  • I’m sorry but I have to agree with these lads the last three games have been crap. And I’m struggling to see how PEP can see anything ambitious about it or positive. You might be a very good coach there’s no denying that but I’m sorry your team selection and managerial skills you just haven’t got. He needs to be sacked for the subs alone that you put on. And the formation wigan played is what we should have been playing against them. You can’t play 442 your sitting back too much it’s too defensive and we havent got the players up the front to do that formation. But as from what I’ve seen over the last three games we need to bring in a decent striker. And definitely the goalkeeper camp has to lose his gloves.

  • Ren,Clotet and his assistants all wanted to play 3-5-2 like most of the Top Clubs do and thats why Salter-Clarke was obtained but when they realized that Roberts was no Beckenbauer or Vincent Kompany and Juke was no Aguero they panicked and ditched it like a hot potato but then they had no wingers to play 4-4-2 (Plan B) and panic as been with us ever since.

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