Date: 22nd November 2018 at 2:54pm
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Article submitted by Mitchell Bray

Since 1875 our famous club has endured the rollercoaster ride that most established football clubs experience.

Owners have come and gone and Chairmen have sunk millions into the second city.

They have all done their bit in keeping Birmingham City FC alive and kicking with the sole aim of fulfilling the fixtures with the hope of success by the end of each season.

Supporters have obviously been the lifeblood of the club and generations have ensured our survival.

Sometimes however the humble supporter gets overlooked, and this season I feel the English Football League have fallen short. Namely the threat of FFP punishment. Most of our core base of around 21,000 fans worry about this and in particular the dreaded possibility of a points deduction.

My opinion is that the EFL should treat us supporters with the respect that any fee paying customer deserves.

They should at the very least let us know what we are in for, or allay our fears as there might not be penalties to account for.

Not only that but also they could let us know what is being done to rectify our alleged misdemeanour of the past season or two.

Above all with Christmas coming let us see a bit of cheer for the battled weary fan who cannot quite fathom out what fate awaits us, if any.

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2 Replies to “The Rollercoaster Of Being A Blues Fan Isn’t Being Helped By The EFL Who Are Shortchanging Us”

  • Who runs the EFL ? Teresa May? Can’t make a decision to save their lives. I suspect that they will wait to see where we end up. They will fine us just enough points to not send us down. They are supposed to be helping us and sending us down would destroy us so there would be no point in doing that.
    Should we finish in the playoffs would they dock us points to take us out?
    If we got automatic promotion would they dock us enough to take us into the play offs or out of them. Well that sure would damage the finances!! I just think that at this time no news is good news. I suspect the Club know what parameters they are working to and at the moment we are on the good side

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