Date: 18th March 2019 at 11:51am
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Written by: Mitchell Bray

Before we play our next match against WBA a week on Friday, we will at long last know exactly our position regarding the EFL. With eight more games remaining Garry Monk and the squad will for once in what seems a lifetime, know what points may be required for Championship survival.

This awful and shambolic situation which has affected most notably our manager and us supporters should never happen again. Recently a Blues fan told me that to a smaller measure, it was like being on ‘death row’. Hardly, but I understood his point. Most times when clubs go through bad times on and off the pitch there is always something that is learned and accepted in order to move on. In our case there is zero to be salvaged. Since winning the Carling cup in 2011 this club of ours has staggered from one crisis to another with shameful consequences for owners and the like.

Managers have had to deal with all the rubbish thrown at them and I include the likes of Lee Clark and Gary Rowett. My point is that this club simply has to start afresh with recognised owners who communicate with the fans and give the wonderful faithful hope and pride for the future.

We do not need another foreseeable period of instability and doubt. Should the club be harshly treated this week which results in the unthinkable as league status is concerned, and current owners, whoever they are, decide to jump ship, then so be it. We need a fresh future without all the uncertainty which crops up all the time. We need owners who ‘bond’ with supporters and treat their paying public with respect and gratitude, but above all the footballing world needs a BCFC that brings a hint of decency instead of a deep furrowed frown.

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