Date: 19th November 2013 at 7:16pm
Written by:

Following reports that Carson Yeung has asked Paladini for £20,000 just to meet him to discuss the sale of BCFC I thought we best investigate ourselves.

It being increasingly relevant to address such things these days with opinion and not fact being able to spread so quickly throughout the social media domains.

The story which claims this to be true does not mention a source or any quotes from Paladini or anyone close to him. I find this odd as when someone makes a claim about an event/action, they often state their authority for that claim.

For example if we used a headline to say Lee Clark didn’t like a referee’s decision in a game, I would then quote the passage from that interview that I believe showed that feeling.

It has been well documented, the spat between the Yeung/Pannu camp and the prospective buyer Paladini, and whilst I do not discard these claims as a lie, I do ask for more evidence?

As far as I am concerned, at this point, Yeung has not made this demand for £20,000 to simply meet with him. It could be said that such a story is taking advantage of the negative reputation the current owners have with the fans to add more discontent.

It’s not like social media ever gets out of control is it?

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