Date: 1st August 2018 at 6:30pm
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Following on from Edward Cheng’s tweet hinting at “positive news” being on the horizon, Tom Ross has given a bit more detail.

Although he is not 100% that an announcement will be made tomorrow about the transfer embargo, he does believe that some good news will be announced very soon:

To be honest, I am taking both tweets with a pinch of salt at the moment. I want to hear confirmation from the club, or at least the BBC before I get too positive.

In any case, it does seem some sort of progress has been made on the transfer ban front. All I can say is at least it seems there is now a possibility that we’ll be able to get some business done before the window shuts.

Garry Monk deserves to get the opportunity to build his own team, and although he may have very little time with the deadline just over a week away, he could now be able to make some changes.

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12 Replies to “‘Early As Tomorrow’ – Journalist Reveals Birmingham Embargo Announcement Could Be Imminent”

  • I would’ve been more sceptical if the tweet had come from Ren, yes, I know Chengs connected to him, but surely there’s got to be something positive coming very soon, otherwise he’ll be lynched.
    As for the Beeb, I’m with Alan, they’re the same as Nursey, Brum rag and even that bunch at WM sport, they’re all quick to report on the negatives, but not so keen when it’s good news, so, for me, it’s the club first, then Rossy for the good news facts.
    If GM can bring in 2 or 3 before the deadline, I think, and hope that’ll appease him, because he can’t have been happy with the way he’s been hampered in close season with bringing players in.
    We all know, and agree, we desperately, desperately need creativity in midfield and a goalscorer.
    Maddison hasn’t left Posh yet, so, maybe ???
    I’m very disappointed Eisa’s gone to one of our Championship rivals, in Bristol City, I genuinely feel he’ll be close to top scorer in this league.
    Is Waghorn, Bradshaw or Hughill going to get the goals, or are they even on GR’s list ?
    Time will tell, and there’s not much of it left, but I’m sure GM’s just waiting for the green light.

    In Garry I trust !!!

  • Even if the transfer embargo gets lifted I doubt we will get millions to spend. Unless the news is Butland/Gray sale or Stockdale leaving deal agreed apart from a few cheap loans I can’t see us doing much business. It may just be Pederson being registered with the embargo still in place. Let’s start with that at least.

  • Tom Ross is just repeating what he’s read on here and pretending hes in the know. Truth is he’s clueless and trying to scrape a living

    • I dont have to justify myself but in this instance i will make an exception- i am earning more now than i was at Free- secondly i don’t need to copy i have my own source

      Ron i dont know where yiu get ofv on being so rude- but as long as it makes you hapoy – where on the site did it mention tomorrow?? All i saw was a tweet from director talking about good nees- didn’t mention embargo. I made a phone call and then teeetrd and posted KRO

      • Thanks Tom I for one will take that – Good News tomorrow let’s hope so – KRO – COYB Stick Together as only we know how !!!!

      • Tom,

        Dont listen to these clowns!

        we know your blues through and through mate! its probably villa fans talking out there ar**!

        lets all hope the good news is coming mate KRO!

  • Sumo. No I don’t think for one minute it is Tom Ross from Free Radio and formerly Capital Gold. Just look at the quality of the comments etc. Tom Ross (the legend) would put a word perfect post.

  • As early as tomorrow? That’s hardly early considering the transfer window close imminently. Seems to me only issue that can be solved is Pederson. Fingers crossed on that KRO

  • How the he’ll the E.F.L. can warrant such a fine as with Q.P.R. Is unforgivable ….The whole idea of the F.F.P. SHOULD BE to stop clubs from risking admin on behalf of the town’s and the fans losing an asset to the community …the punishment should be by docking points only as the clubs still have to cope with the money outlayed …to dock such a fine such as with Q.P.R. Is a disgrace …would you fine people for doing the football POOLS or lottery . or gambling in a casino ..or betting on a horse …or is that next …this is just making clubs more likely to lose the quality standard of football skills at these clubs ..which is punishing the town’s their communities and the fans , which is not what football is about …

  • Well early tomorrow has been and gone it’s now late still no news. I’m of the opinion that all this stuff with the championship and limitation on money spending he’s simply just to keep the Premiership big and the championship way behind that. It’s all about preserving the Premiership or Premier League. If you’re in the Premier League you can be a big spender if you’re in the championship you must not be a big spender as you’re not worthy regardless of what money you have. Then also clubs relegated from the premiership are allowed to spend more and lose more. There is no balance it’s only for the Elite and most championship clubs are being kept away from that elite with big restrictions on what they can do. The EFL talk about keeping clubs strong we’re really what they are doing is limiting what they can spend limiting what they can do and keeping them down weaker to protect the elite in the Premier League. The ODS of clubs coming down going back up at the first attempt he is far greater than that of a season the championship Club going up. And the EFL want to keep it that way they do not want change they do not want so cold”smaller clubs” progressing this damages idea of an Elite League. Why would a billionaire buy a championship Club when he cannot Express himself or spend that money he would not it’s making the championship far less appealing. KRO

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