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“Down to the last day again”- Many Blues fans get a sense of deja vu after latest defeat

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So, it goes to the final day.

Will it be as dramatic as the games against Bolton Wanderers or Fulham in seasons gone by? We’ll just have to wait and see on that front.

Blues fell on the road to Preston North End this afternoon, but results elsewhere in the division mean that we will have to go into the final game of the season needing a point (barring a major swing in terms of goal difference) in order to stay in the division.

Well, we always seem to do it the hard way, so why make it any different this year?

Will we stay up?





And it was that feeling of deja vu that was on the mind of a lot of Blues fans when the final whistle went, almost as if they’ve come to accept this as the norm, which it rather annoyingly has.

What about you? What do you make of that result?

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Our Club is a laughing stock, 7 pts out of a possible 36 pts wonderful,I hope as much as the next bluenose that we stay up but we actually derserve to go down, how can a Team perform so badly for such a long period of time ???? There is and I have said it for a long there is something radically wrong at the Club,I am actually wondering if the Board want us to be relegated so they can walk away from it, that is the feeling I get.After the last 3 seasons I did not think it could get any worse but today it has, our faiths are being tried to say the least

    • R Smith says:

      They can’t walk away as their place on the Hong Kong stock exchange, which is worth mega bucks depends on them having a business, and we are it. They could just do a Wheldon and sell everything off though.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Forgot to add that we are all fed up with excuses.

  • steve says:

    I think I am done, I have had enough now. My Grandfather supported Blues (or the Rags as he used to call them) my Dad supported Blues, I have supported Blues since I could walk and I’m 70 now, my sons and daughters support Blues. I even played 12 games for them as a youth (not the first team). As a family we have travelled home and away to watch them. We have been to cup finals, we have been abroad and my grandad and dad (and his brother) travelled abroad to watch them in European competitions, the first English club to do that. For years they have let us down, broke our hearts and cost us an absolute fortune. Both grandad and dad used to say, don’t relay on them, expect disappointment, they will never be any good while you have a hole in your a..e.
    Just how much sleep does a sleeping giant need ? I am on a fixed income now, its really difficult to justify the cost, there are cheaper ways to get years of disappointed (apart from the 2 League Cup wins, yes I was there for both). I now get more satisfaction and pleasure now watching our local ScrewFix League team. I cannot believe its going down to the last game again, I am sure Blues are the reason my blood pressure is so high. I really wanted them to be a decent team, mid premiership, something like that, before I pop my clogs.
    Sorry this is so long, I got carried away, its nice that know one was telling me to shut up moaning.

  • Charles says:

    Don’t rely on the Wigan points deduction. Labour politicians Andy Burnam and Lisa Landy are throwing their support for a reprieve. EFL will look kindly on them.

  • Jimmy says:

    Looking forward to Ren’s rallying call before the last game of the season.

  • Roy says:

    EFL will not make an exception for Wigan otherwise they will set a precedent and just think about what clubs like Bolton will do if it did happen. Let them get away with it then others will expect the same treatment and suddenly clubs in trouble go bust drop their debts knowing there will be no points deduction. Blues will survive but we dont deserve to.

    • Ijaz says:

      Yes I think you are right. If they let Wigan off then they can’t very well punish other teams. Don’t worry about the labour MPs they backed Jeremy Corbyn in the last election and look how that turned out.

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