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“Doomed”, “jheez”- Lots of Blues fans weren’t impressed with this bit of news from last night

Image for “Doomed”, “jheez”- Lots of Blues fans weren’t impressed with this bit of news from last night

These Bluenoses have been reacting to something rather bizarre that happened against Leicester City last night.

We should be no stranger to Pep Clotet changing the team up when it comes to cup games, given how many he has made at various stages this season, including seven ahead of the game with Blackburn Rovers in the 3rd Round back in January.

However, this change was a little more than simply playing a reserve or young player in place of someone more senior. No, this change was a little bit more out of the box, as he decided to play Wes Harding, someone who is more comfortable playing at the back out on the right-wing.

Was Pep right to rest Jude for the game tonight?





Perhaps put there to counter the attacking threat of Leicester’s Ben Chilwell, it was certainly a move that caught Birmingham City fans by surprise, and they were left dumbfounded by it, both before and during the game.

Let’s just hope these sort of decisions don’t become a regular occurrence this season.

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  • WaycoolBlue says:

    He played as a Defensive winger And to be fear to him he did a good job.

    Although I do think it it was a negative move from Pep.

    But you can’t blame Harding for that he was doing his Job and a good one at that.

    The hole team played well. And lets face it we was never going to win the FA Cup was we.

    Time to move on the the next match Reading another tough game let’s not get on the players backs and put a spanner in the Works.


  • williammorgan says:

    1 shot on target …and 4 good defenders that keep getting drawn out of position from defending inside the corner posts …its a goodjobcamps 7 ft 6 ins ..another manager trying not to lose …instead of trying Tom win ..

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