Date: 18th April 2017 at 8:55pm
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It’s difficult not to feel sorry for Gianfranco Zola. Having watched his press conference in full, he is clearly hurting.

The Italian was very apologetic to the fans who he praised for their support.

In different circumstances at a different club, perhaps Zola could have done a job. He was simply the wrong man at the wrong time.

While he couldn’t put his finger on why the results went into such a steep decline, he offered no excuses and took full responsibility for the situation.

From day one, he was on his own. The board of directors weren’t at his unveiling in December and they weren’t by his side yesterday. Zola cut a forlorn figure as 20,000 fans called for his head.

Zola gets my respect for fronting up to the media yesterday. Having given his resignation, he was under no obligation to attend a post match press conference. He did so off his own back and gave an honest and frank view into his reign as manager of Birmingham City.

If personality and popularity made for good managers, Zola would have been the best. He is a likeable man who didn’t quite have the attributes or the know-how to turn his vision into reality.

It’s a shame it didn’t work out. Many predicted it would end up this way when he was first appointed and they’ve been proved right.

But let’s not hang Zola out to dry. He tried. He failed. Now he’s gone.

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9 Replies to “Don’t hang Zola out to dry, he tried but failed”

  • Feel sorry for him why should we feel sorry for him I don’t and never should any of us he should be the one that is sorry he left us in the *****e. He should have worked 5 games ago but TTA should have sacked him 10 games back. We should be OK now but it’s going to be a stressful 3 weeks and this clown put us there. Feel sorry for him in deed LOL I hope he is suffering I hope he is umlauted the man is garbage.

  • To much change in to little time .. would have done better taking over at the end of may , to have the time to get the players used to such a big change in style….

  • I feel sorry for the supporters for having to endure Zola. He was paid good money to do a job which He didnt deliver. Do we get our money back? He has barring miracles of Jesus proportion by HR practically relegated us. Yeah I feel really sorry for him. I hope He never gets another job in football.

  • Well said Rob. I agree with David Village. Waycoolblue you are such an idiot, please please please go and support someone else, you really haven’t got a clue.

  • Hang on. Waycool is angry just like me. Nothing can forgive Zola sending us down.Nothing.we are down despite this ludicrous circus of HR and 3 games. Let Waycool sound off-more needed from complacent fans.

  • Rob.we all get that gut feeling. I applaud you if you haven’t.Nothing to do with being negative. Just step back and look at this circus. Embarrassing.

  • If Zola was still here I’d be fearing relegation. I still am but you can’t say ‘ we are down’.

  • @ WhoRya don’t call me an idiot would you say that to my face no because you would get a slap. I is my apinean if you don’t like it then tuff.

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