Date: 27th January 2017 at 7:53am
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Middlesbrough manager Aitor Karanka is treading a dangerous path by criticising the fans. The Boro manager claimed the atmosphere at the Riverside Stadium was ‘awful’ and had a pop at the stay away fans of last season.

He said- ‘When I came here, there were 12,000 people. I can’t say anything bad about the Red Army or the people who are travelling to support us, it’s those who think they have always been supporting us – they have to know three years ago, they weren’t there’.

Football managers are paid a handsome salary to bring success to a football club. But sometimes they forget that, as well as being a results business, it’s an entertainment industry. And Karanka has been accused of adopting a negative style of play at Boro. Do the fans have the right to complain if they’re not being entertained? Absolutely. Do managers have the right to criticise the supporters for expressing an opinion? Absolutely not.

Jose Mourinho has done it. Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp have done it. Martin O’Neill once did it Aston Villa as did Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. If any manager of Birmingham City ever tried it, they’d be making their own bed.

Without fans, the game is nothing. Certain managers could do with remembering that.

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6 Replies to “Do manager’s have a right to criticise fans? Absolutely not!”

  • What as this got to do with anything is this not a blues site who gives a dam what is happening with other clubs. If there is nothing to write about then please don’t bother.

  • Fans do have a right to their opinion ….And managers do have a right to defend themselves …Trouble is managers have to keep their mouths zipped when the fault doesn’t belong at their door , for fear of getting the sack ….

  • There is a difference between a fan, a supporter and a follower, and clubs have the right to have a go at the fans and followers who don’t support the club. The players cant hear the fans and followers because they are in the pub, on the internet or on the sofa watching another game, unless its a big game or the team are winning when all of a sudden they decide to selectively support the club.

  • WayCoolBlue- Blues are a football club. This is a football subject. You’ve said nothing positive about this website this week. You could always convert to the tripe they make up on bcfcfollowers

  • Karanka is correct in one respect when the team was doing rubbish the fans weren’t there. He got them up and the fans aren’t happy with the football. Wba fans were saying same about Pulis last year. Now they are singing his praises. Fans are by nature fickle and the manager probably thinks ungrateful. The fans however are the club and without them there is no club. As the business slogan says – The customer is king.

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