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Do Blues have an advantage by playing behind closed doors

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When football does return to our leagues hopefully, early June, Birmingham City’s games are likely to be played behind closed doors. We all accept the situation and fully understand why.

However, with so much riding on the outcome of finishing this season, it is interesting to assess which teams possibly hold the advantage in playing these games with zero crowds.

As for Blues, it would probably take another win or two to be certain of safety for next season in the Championship. What probably interests many however is the situation across the city in B6.

Games away to Liverpool, Everton etc with full houses would certainly benefit the home team more than the away team. However empty grounds may well suit the visitors. Nobody knows, of course, and it is just speculation but I am sure managers and players nationwide will wonder just what the best approach will be.

Being professional and all that is fine and expected, but nevertheless the strange situation clubs are facing must raise the question as to who will be better prepared not just physically but mentally.

As far as Blues are concerned, we have little to do to achieve our goal in terms of points to finish the season. Others up and down the leagues have more serious stuff to contend with. Crowds undoubtedly carry their clubs across the winning lines at crucial times which makes home advantage a strong pull and understandably so, but a zero scenario, in my opinion, changes this strange situation.

Football faces into an end of season when expected results will be anything but. My guess is that Clubs like Brentford and Preston may fancy their chances more with third spot play-off winners and I regret to say Villa may also welcome visiting strong away opposition with little atmosphere.

Twists and turns always happen during the final games of the season with a few surprises resulting in final glories. This end of season may well top the lot with empty stadiums and atmospheres no greater than hearing a pin drop, which brings me to the conclusion that the teams with the greater character and workmanlike attitude will be better prepared.

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  • Charles says:

    Maybe a better playing field for Villa in their planned escape. Blues love the away support so no advantage. All eyes on our rivals however. Looking forward to it.

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