Date: 3rd October 2019 at 7:30am
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Talk about letting a game slip away from you.

Despite losing a gut-wrencher to Wigan Athletic, Pep Clotet was in a rather diplomatic and positive mood. Speaking after the game, Clotet was trying to convince the fans that the game was going well up until the Lee Camp error:

“I am obviously not happy because I think we were heading to a 0-0 game, unfortunately, the incident for their goal makes us lose that point we worked so hard to have… in the end I thought the game was a clear 0-0. Obviously that wasn’t the result, we only think about the ability to bounce back now.”

However, there was a large section of the Birmingham City fan base who were not happy with the performance, and more importantly, were not happy with what Clotet had to say on the matter.

There are two easy ways to get more people on your side, first off you can start winning some game. Second of all, saying the right things after a defeat can soothe people over, so maybe he just needs to work on some of that and relations with the fans will start picking up.

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6 Replies to “‘Did he actually say that?’, ‘a shambles’: Some Blues fans left outraged by manager’s comments”

  • There is a difference between hope and expectation and I would say a larger number of blues fans would hope that we can win away games. You are only looking for negatives because you expect far too much from the team so grow up and get things into perspective or trot off and support Man City or Liverpool. Maybe Pep is too honest and hasn’t yet grasped that expectation among supporters is far greater than hope or even reality.

  • Whats wrong with expecting to go to wigan and win ?wigan are a goood o club but hardly unbeatable. Are we e
    xpected to go away and lose then? What a stupid statement . we bejng blues fans know side we would not expect to beat. Its not the result so much but the fact that no one seems to know what thay are doing.i never know .if we are playing 4.3. 3 4.4.2
    3. 5 .2 neither do the players it seems. But why sack.pep.the stupid
    Owners would only bring another
    Failed no hoper in .they never keep good ones i just dont they have a clue and if not this season this useless lot will eventually take blues down . We have learned nothing.
    We have not progressed we just
    Keeping going over the same old
    Ground. Making same mistakes
    And fighting relegation.

  • If we are going into games not expecting to win particularly against lower teams we are heading for a run of defeats. Wigan had 18 interceptions to our 5 that tells the story. Giving the ball to the opposition invites defeat. Pep may see positives in current displays but the majority of fans don’t. If he is telling the players a draw is a good result he should go and ASAP!! Is Chris Hughton still available??

  • Is that the sum of our ambitions, a goal less draw against Wigan ????? Progression, he is having a laugh. I agree with Brian that Clotet does not know what system to play.

  • From the start I never wanted pep as manager at the club. And I did say that fancy football will only look good and get results for so long. But as I said from the start of the season PEP, Edward Chow, and that idiot ren they need to go they are breaking the club apart. If we don’t beat Middlesbrough then pep needs to go. I hope the owners see sense and bringing a decent manager in and quick, before we do another zola. There’s no doubt about it we need another keeper and we need a decent striker. The duke can’t do everything up front on his own. And we can’t keep depending on a high ball and a header of Duke of it every game.

    • So with all the negative comments it seems unrealistic to expect anything. No investment in players of good enough quality for any manager or coach to work with at this level, so I look at every game and hope we get something out of it. Moaning and getting on their backs is counter productive and I challenge anyone to improve if they are slagged off. Not likely is it ?

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