Date: 17th November 2019 at 7:00am
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It feels like I’ve banged this drum a lot this season.

But now that there is finally some doubt settling into the mid of boss Pep Clotet, and because it’s the international break so it’s still the freshest thing in the memory, but the situation surrounding Lee Camp just isn’t going to go away for me until we see some changes.

However, the one man that has kind of been forgotten amongst all this has been the man who has been backup keeper so far this season and that is David Stockdale. Having spent the majority of the 2017/18 season as the team’s number one, he’s since found himself relegated out of the side and spent last season predominantly on loan.

I’ve said before that I believed Stockdale was the better option in goal for the Blues based on the numbers, and I still hold that belief, so whatever the club wants to do, I believe that Stockdale should be ahead in the hierarchy.

As I said earlier in the week, I feel that the club needs to go with the ‘youth movement’ going forward, and that means bringing the likes of Connal Trueman and Moha Ramos closer to the first team and seeing less and less of Camp as we go through the season.

However, I still think that the club could do with having a ‘senior figure’ as it were among the ranks, and in that case, I would vote for Stockdale to hold that position over Camp. So when the January window rolls around, I think that we should sell off Camp to, maybe not the highest bidder, but quite simply any bidder.

Three goalkeepers should be more than enough the see the club over until the end of the season when we can readdress the situation once again.

Should Lee Camp finally be dropped?





Hopefully we won’t have to go back to the ‘old guard’ as it were, but at least we have a decent enough option to fall back on if the likes of Ramos & Trueman aren’t quite up to speed yet.

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6 Replies to “Despite time in the shadows, this man still has a role to play at St Andrew’s – Opinion”

  • You want to get rid of the best goalkeeper we have to put the calamity in goal and have two kids backing him up. Under your plan we would League far more goals lose far more games. Camp is the best goalkeeper we’ve got and in my opinion if we get a new goalkeeper it will have to be a lot better than camp then Lee camp will be the one on the bench it’s Stockdale we need to get rid of. KRO

  • Think Camps’ a bit of a scapegoat here.

    At fault for three goals being conceded in recent games but what about the poor goals return with 60 attempts in three games.

    There are plenty of keepers that make mistakes even the best ones.

    Quite simply if we had taken our chances the odd keeper error would’ve mattered.

    Camp had kept us in games,he kicks well and has good understanding with the defence.

    He is a 35 year old free transfer that has done ok.

    Stock dale is a £40k a week keeper that’s going backwards


  • Agree we need a goalscorer which was obvious to everyone but the board it seems. With the Che Adams transfer in the pipeline the thing they should’ve done was get a replacement in early. They wasted a lot of time on Puscas and in the end left themselves with Jutkiewicz and Giminez. If we had a finisher then we may have been winning those games despite Camp.

    Camp isn’t being made a scapegoat for the odd error. He has made a lot of errors both this season and last which have cost us points. They are basic errors like dropping that cross which I think virtually every other keeper including the reserves would’ve caught. A new keeper is needed in January.

  • Camp rubbish, Stockdale overweight and overpaid…..should have sorted the problem out in the close season….try Trueman

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