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Debate: The state of the left-back position at St Andrew’s heading into the summer

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Something is going to have to give at some point.

Whilst we may have been able to hold off a late bid for left-back Kristian Pedersen in the January transfer window, with the summer on fast approaching, I think it’s worth looking at the two options that we have in case we aren’t able to hold on to him this time around. Or indeed what the situation is going to be if we don’t sell him.

Cheick Keita is currently entering the last few months of the deal that he signed when he first joined the club back in the January transfer window of 2017, although it is worth pointing out that the club do have the option to hold onto him for an extra year.

Steve Seddon on the other hand, has a contract that expires in the summer of 2021 and also has the option of being extended by the club for another year, and judging by the way the Blues fans look at him during his loan spell at Portsmouth, they certainly want him to be a part of the furniture going forward.

Both men are relatively young, with Keita being 23 and Seddon being 22, so it’s not as if we can put one in the category of backup like we can an aging goalkeeper, they are both in a position to play right now.

Will Seddon be a regular for us next season?





So of the three left-backs we have, Pedersen, Seddon and Keita, someone is clearly going to have to go for next season at least.

If we sell Pedersen, in my mind I think it’s time for Seddon to be given that shot in the first-team and hope he can carry on that form from his Portsmouth days, meaning that Keita will have to either be a backup, or be sold/released and let someone else come in.

If we keep Pedersen, I think that Seddon should be sent out on loan once again because he’s proving to be too good to be sat on the bench, with Keita staying as backup or being sold/released. Either way, it isn’t looking good for Keita.

What about you though? What do you think should happen with the left-back situation going into and indeed through the summer?

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