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Debate: After the latest twist abroad, what options are left for the Blues and Jude Bellingham?

Image for Debate: After the latest twist abroad, what options are left for the Blues and Jude Bellingham?

It’s funny how a number of stories like this run together.

According to a recent story in the Mirror, Manchester United are set to really cut back on their spending when it comes to the summer transfer window, with them potentially having to wait another twelve months to sign their big-money target in Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho.

That could in turn mean that there aren’t enough funds to go around for the German side to come and take Jude Bellingham from us.

And speaking recently in an interview with FootballFanCast, former Blues academy man Ben Nuttall said that he believed Bellingham should stay another year to help his development and then perhaps look to signing with a bigger club further down the line.

This of course does have its risks, as I pointed out, whilst this could help his value go up if he continues moving forward, we do run the risk of having that value drop down should he get injured, or perhaps worse, his form from this season doesn’t get replicated.

Are there some benefits to selling Jude Bellingham?





I suppose then it really does come down to one question, what should the club be hoping for this summer?

As I’ve also said before, selling Bellingham could give us a bit of an advantage financially when it comes to next season and the possibility of games being played behind closed doors, so we may not be hit as hard when it comes to the finances of match day crowds.

What do you make of this all?

Do you think that the club should be worried at the potential of losing out on a big fee for Bellingham? Or does the fact that he could be set to stay for another season make you feel happy about the future of the club, knowing the fee could get bigger?

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  • WaycoolBlue says:

    I think we should be looking to keep Jude and also Seddon to of are best youngsters. We should be building a team of good young talent.
    Not a team of bang average older players. The young lads have something to prove they have more passion where is the older bang average players are there for the money. I can’t say I blame any footballer to be there for the money they have their own family ly-vea have to think seriously about that. But young players do not have that to worry about they will put more effort in they have more passion and more pride and a will to do their best. The main thing for them to worry about is their career. We have many good young players at Birmingham we should look to bring them through not sell them all. Youngsters are the future the older players are just getting older and eventually the game will drop.

  • Ijaz says:

    Why should we worry about not selling Jude. I personally would like nothing more than seeing Jude still here next season. Injuries and loss of form are part and parcel of football. Anyway what makes you think the inept board who have financially mismanaged our club use any money obtained wisely?

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