Date: 30th September 2013 at 11:18am
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Dan Burn was bitterly disappointed to give away a freekick that lead to a goal against reading on Saturday. The adjudged infringement allowed Danny Guthrie to score his second set-piece of the game.

Burn maintains there was no contact between Robson-Kanu and any Birmingham City defender. In the interview with the daily star the lad admits to dangling a leg out there and well Dan you should know better! it is very naive to assume the other team are going to play with the upmost of honesty; just look at Yeovil away a few weeks ago.

He also claimed the referee admitted to him that he himself had doubts over the decision. This I can emphasise with, its really annoying to have a decision go against you only to then be told by the judge and jury that they aren’t so sure themselves.

Should the FA be more involved in these incidents? Dan Burn said he wants them to deal with it. I’m a big fan of retrospective action and having some certainties in the game, it makes for a much fairer afternoon for all the people who have spent their hard earned money to enjoy the spectacle. A lass this is wishful thinking, the premier league have only just been given goal line technology.

Off the top of my head I can’t remember the last player to be punished for a dive? if you can please let us know in the comments below!

At the time of the second goal Blues hadn’t really looked like getting back in the game. Reading beat us in a display that I would describe as routine, we didn’t really have much in the game and they just eventually beat us. That being said it can take away a little bit of the sting of such a decision for Dan Burn as it probably didn’t settle the game.

However on another day it could of, it also affects our goal difference, so it is certainly not something that can be allowed to happen with any sort of regularity.

The large defender also praised Guthrie’s performance. Well how could he not, the lad had a good game and its always special to score one set-piece so to go and score two is a nice feat.

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