Date: 20th September 2018 at 10:41pm
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Birmingham City could be facing sanctions from the EFL after breaching the Football League’s FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules.

According to the Times, the EFL are looking to bring in new sanctioning guidelines for clubs in breach of FFP and are believed to have presented them to Championship clubs today.

These new guidelines could see teams who breach the FFP rules, which look at limiting losses to £39 million over a three-year period, docked up to 21 points, with 12 of those being cited for ‘aggregate breach’, while another nine could be added for ‘aggravated breach’.

However, clubs could see sanctions reduced depending on the extent that they breach the rules.

If this story is to be believed, Blues could be facing a 15-point deduction from the EFL. The club’s aggregate breach is said to be at £7 million, which would see us receive a six-point deduction, while the other nine points would be added due to the club’s aggravated breach, caused by Blues pressing ahead with a £2 million deal to sign defender Kristian Pedersen from Union Berlin.

It was rumoured earlier in the month that Blues could have been facing a 12-point deduction, but that claim was denied by both Birmingham City and the EFL, although this now seems that it could be because the EFL had yet to present their new sanctioning guidelines to member clubs.

The final decision regarding Blues’ sanctions is believed to be coming from the independent disciplinary commission, who will decide the full extent of the club’s punishment.

Despite these claims, Birmingham City have told BirminghamLive that they are unaware of the possible changes to the situation and are continuing to work with the EFL regarding the implementation of a business plan.

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4 Replies to “Could Blues actually be facing sanctions from the EFL?”

  • It’s rubbish they can not make the rules up as they go along. It also states in the rules that no club can be deducted points once the season has started. Unless that club is forced in to (Administration)
    Leveing that club unoperatonal and unable to pay any outstanding debit. And or staff wage costs. Birmingham City is not in any financial Administration they are fully operational and are adhering to the business plan that was placed on them. The club did not sign CP why under a full transfer embargo the EFL allowed him to be registered had that been the case then they would not of allowed him to be registered and the transfer would have been cancelled. You can go to the EFL Website and download the PDF and read this for your self any one can.

    • I have taken the part out about the signing of Pedersen happening while under embargo, this is what the Times reported, but I am aware that this isn’t true, although I am also aware that the signing was made with the club knowing they had broken FFP rules and had an embargo looming.
      But I totally agree, the EFL seems to be making it up as they go along. I think they’ve made these FFP rules, but not fully thought about how they would sanction clubs who break the rules, likely on the assumption that a minimal amount of clubs would violate the rules. But as more and more clubs violate FFP rules, there’s been an increasing pressure from other clubs on the EFL to sanction the rule-breakers, which has forced the EFL to bring in new guidelines out of nowhere, effectively making it up as they go along.
      With the rules in place, as you say, regarding mid-season points deductions, I think the story is false, and I certainly won’t believe it until I see statements from Blues and the EFL.

      • Cool I understand what you are saying just don’t understand how the EFL can make new rules now and place them on our club after the fact. I can’t see any club believing that to be fare. Changes made now can only enforced if a club brakes the rules in the future. Birmingham could say well that was not the rules we was trying to abide by you have changed them to suit you’re self how can we follow the rules if you keep changing them how can any club follow the rules if we don’t know what you want.

  • The thing is, there IS a case for mid or late-season points deductions.

    Say Villa smash FFP but are looking like promotion to the PL- is it not incumbent on the EFL, based on real accounts from last season and 16/17 and then projected accounts as submitted by the club itself, to deduct points? Otherwise if they go up they are getting away with it- FFP submission is March 2019, so in order to protect integrity of competition a points deduction fitting in a big breach wold have to occur at the end of the season or in mid-April.

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