Date: 27th February 2018 at 1:09pm
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Birmingham City will decide on the fate of Steve Cotterill during a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

Cotterill’s position has come under scrutiny after ugly scenes marred Blues’ defeat to Barnsley on Saturday – their fourth consecutive loss without scoring – in which a Blues fan confornted the manager by throwing his season card at him. Cotterill also confirmed he was hit by missiles.

Rumours have surfaced that Garry Monk has turned down the role. This story conincides with Alan Nixon (a football league journalist – @reluctantnicko on Twitter) yesterday revealing that one candidate isn’t interested in the job.

Vital Birmingham understands that Monk has been interviewed for the job but the outcome of that remains to be seen.

Former Scotland Head Coach Gordon Strachan has also been mentioned in some quarters, so too has former England boss Steve McClaren.

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18 Replies to “Cotterill’s fate to be decided on Wednesday”

  • As I see it the only way different to Cotties is in an attacking mode and for me McClaren would be useful ..

  • As I see it the only way different to Cotties is in an attacking mode and for me McClaren would be useful ..

  • I’m pretty sure it’s against FL regulations to interview someone for a post that is currently filled, i’d be surprised too if any interview had taken place as the big guns aren’t due to meet til tomorrow night when a decision will be made on Cotterill, mind you nothing surprises me anymore with this lot in charge, if they tried working together rather than continued petty squabbles we might not be in the position we’re in. As usual when a managers job is on the line there’s always loads of rumours going round and so far i’ve seen 8 different names mentioned , none of which I find too appealing .

  • Slaven Billic would be like waking up from a nightmare into a dream. West Ham finished 7th & 11th in the PL with him. But very true it is certainly rumour season. You just can’t call anything with TTA making decisions. I just hope they read the CV before they appoint the next one ? If they’re making a change that is!?

  • make a really good point with your last sentence.I am amazed that Cotterill is up for the chop in view of the club?s predicament.My understanding last Saturday evening wa that Carsley would fill in until end of season.Cotterill simply cannot face anymore home match wrath.If they appoint a new manager then a total change of policy has sprung up(IMO).Perhaps new owners are in the pipeline but only if the club remains a Championship outfit.

  • I have heard from inside the club by someone who claims to know that the next appointment will not be a non-British born manager. I guess fingers are still burnt after Zola. Which is a shame because I would like to see Billic come in. For me McClaren (and especially Strachan) would be a disaster. Unfortunately the same geniuses that were behind Zola’s appointment, the assorted disastrous signings and various other bizarre decisions will be behind this decision as well. Most of us could name 2 or 3 “smart” options for a young hungry go-ahead progressive type of coach, and we all know it won’t be any of them.

  • Rob Wildey, Zola was spoken to NOT interviewed before Rowett was sacked, there’s a difference, he wasn’t formally interviewed til after he the sacking .

  • Ohio. TTA can’t sell the club till after October, that was their agreement when they took over what was BIH. The word is they apparently have no plans to sell up. From what I understand the clubs accounts are due this week and they don’t look good which was the main reason for tomorrow’s meeting but after what happened Saturday they’ll be discussing the manager situation as well now.

  • I cant believe that people seem to think that a different manager will get better results with a depleted squad that at best was average when at full strength. They are not his players so why blame him? New man gets a few players fit and all of a sudden you feel justified when the performances improve. And owners sell at the top of the value, not when its down, so I 100% doubt they would sell now, and with around 40m invested/wasted, this is on its own is way below the valuation of the club.

  • Gazal….Judging by your posts lately it is safe to say you are a SC fan. And that’s ok we are all entitled to like who we like. However, the truth of this situation is that the current squad is better than any squad SC has ever managed before. Just check out a list of his previous clubs….. Also if you read the last few days previous posts by Rob Wildey you will see numerous logical reasons why SC is mainly at fault. And in case you didn’t know your argument is self defeating. What I mean is, if the squad is average at best we should have been mid-table before the last two games we played with what you call a depleted squad. Which is really just 3 players missing, a left back and two defensive midfielders. So according to your own assessment we have been in and around the relegation zone with a squad SC should be capable of producing average results with. Instead he has a 27% win rate instead of 50%, so not sure how you can defend him?

  • SC is to blame he piks the wrong Team he plays the wrong tacticks. We have Adams and Jota our 2 best attacking players he he won’t play them. Insted he plays Boga and Boga Just runns in to dead ends all the time. Jota would pass cross shoot. So play him. as a number 10 LOL. Adams should be the number 10. Jota is our player and Boga is not. Jota is a better player with chapionsip know how. And Adams as proved his wherth alrady. The guy is a joke.

  • TTA do have this two year period of not selling.However it is a fragile agreement that can easily be altered.Relegation takes on a whole new ball game and these owners would never contemplate league One football.They sell cheaply and cut their losses.Big Question is what happens to the big debt.No new investors would take this on’so we enter various scenarios that would take ages to wade through.My steadfast view is that TTA will depart after season end.What happens After is anyone?s guess.We are not dealing with owners of years before Carson Yeung but a complex world where football clubs are pure investment vehicles. Yes,I have also heard that TTA have no intention of selling,but this means nothing.What concerns me is bankruptcy filling which decimated Southampton years ago. As repeating myself again these owners will not entertain League One football.

  • If by the end of today we have a new manager/Coach ,I would expect he will fall into three categories. Someone who is not concerned about having a relegation on his CV. Someone desperate to get another job or someone already in house. With twelve games left they may tread the ?HR route and get a seasoned campaigner for a huge mini term bonus.Plenty to choose out there who may be prepared to ditch their slippers and step out into the fray (and cold). If I were a romantic and on the assumption that we are already down,I would give Trevor a call and say ?give it a go?.

  • So we get a short term fix who will be in it for the money and a potential boost to the CV if it works, and a ready made excuse if it doesn’t, plus how many weeks will it be before we start hearing SC’s words repeated. It takes time to get to know the players strengths and how they would fit in with a different system just for starters.
    A fully fit and available squad performing at their best might make mid table but we acurrently have 30% of our best players missing, and confidence is shot to bits by supporters who think they should perform beyond their capabilities. I can think of two payers we have let go who are better than Jota. We moaned at Fabrini who was lightweight but had plenty of ability, Cotterill backed out of challenges at times but was at least good going forward. Jota is weak, doesn’t fight for the ball or even hold anyone off, has one foot making him easily marked, and hasn’t created a single chance all season.

  • Gazal Jota don’t get on the pich so how can you make that clame. He has played well in the games he as played. Played 5 scord 2 and 3 assists. Boga played 28 scord 1 and 2 assists. Tell me thats bad had he playeed more games at that rate he could be on 9/10 goals now and maybe 12/13 asissts.

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