Date: 3rd March 2018 at 8:11pm
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First things first. While Blues have suffered a fifth straight league defeat, it’s difficult to solely blame Steve Cotterill for this one.

David Stockdale’s error caused the opening goal just six minutes in. And the second was due to some very poor defending.

Cotterill has gone. And while that is the best decision, he will leave behind a squad of players in need of a long, hard look in the mirror.

The first half was a drab contest. Blues’ pattern of play seemed to be pass, pass, pass back to keeper, hoof. Lose the ball. Win it back, pass, hoof, goal kick. Win header, lose 50/50. Pass, hoof, flick on, hoof, goal kick.

The second half was ever so slightly better but still far from acceptable. A Michael Morrison header offered Blues a consolation and, to their credit, they made it a nervy last five minutes for the hosts.

But Blues carried the look of a team resigned to relegation.

Whoever comes in will have a difficult job just to ensure Blues don’t fall too far adrift of the dotted line.

Vital Birmingham Man of the Match: Michael Morrison


5 Replies to “Cotterill pays ultimate price for fifth straight defeat”

  • I probably just need to let it all sink in, but my feelings right now are a little confused. I know in my head that he was not right for us, but my heart feels a little bit sorry. Just a little bit – 3 million goes a long way…
    Let me just make one comment. Whatever the fans demanded, he did it. Morrison in for Roberts? Check. N’doye dropped? Check. Adams in the starting line up? Check.
    That is just this game, he has followed fan demand before. Maybe the fans are all stupid and he should have done his own thing 😉
    5 managers in 16 months……wow.

    There are a lot of people who put all the blame for our current mess squarely with the players. Today I am starting to become persuaded…..our performances have been woeful, not just terrible. They all knew what was on the line today, I assume.

  • Maybe we will get a man with a plan. SC did not have a scooby he was crap a$$ befor he came and now he is no better for it. We have got the players Adams Jota mags davis dean morrison Sammy G. So its not the players it the way SC set them out he blames his tools that is the sign of a bad workmen. Monk will get the best out of the tools he has. I BET MY HOUSE ON THAT.

  • OnTilt……I feel sorry for SC as well, not because he got the sack at Blues, but because he thinks he is a number 1 at Championship level. Those nearest and dearest to him should reassure him there is no shame in being a number 2 ? the ability to make tactical decisions during the pressure of a match is no good for anyone who doesn’t have the skill-set to do it well………….As for being persuaded by us fans ? that can only lead to failure. You only have to read some of the posts from certain individuals to know many think with their emotions. Tuesday the players are all rubbish, Wednesday it’s the manager?s fault, Friday the players are a disgrace and all need to be sold. Saturday the players don’t become bad overnight. Monday the manager is ruining our great club and so on and so on. Add to that the fantasists, who think with a wild imagination, spout a load of villa, whilst claiming to be in the know, to have inside information and conversations with movers and shakers within the game, without realising what they put forward is utter nonsense, and unlikely to be believed by anyone with an ounce of common sense??? So if a manager does listen to the voices of the flakes and fanatics circling outside the periphery of football knowledge before making decisions, they are probably better suited to a role less demanding. Whatever way you look at it, SC was always going to fail here, because the bottom line is he was ‘out of his depth’.

  • Well I have always siad he was crap a$$ from day one. I have never blamed the players for his miss comings and his ranting on saying they are not his players. I did not want him in the first place but I gave him a chance. The club gave him to long a chance. He should have gone after 10 games.

  • WayCoolBlue. I agreed with your first post. I always said he was a lower league manager from day one also. I was stunned they sacked HR and then appointed SC.

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