Date: 19th December 2017 at 10:40am
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David Cotterill has had his contract terminated by mutual consent.

The 30 year-old winger has departed the club after a conversation with manager Steve Cotterill.

A statement on the club’s official website read- ‘After talks with the Wales international winger, it was decided to release him from his present deal’.

It continued- ‘It was a mutual agreement and Cotterill leaves St. Andrew’s with our sincere thanks for his service’.

Cotterill joined the club in 2014 from Doncaster Rovers and scored 15 goals in 109 appearances.

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20 Replies to “Cotterill leaves Blues”

  • Fond memory of Cotterill away at Forest just after Rowett installed.Won 3-1 with Cotts scoring twice.It was Xmas and two months into Rowetts reign.We jumped from first bottom to mid-table by mid January.Teamwork the key.Now look at us.

  • With SC now entering his third game out of four to save his skin,it is sickening now to hear that TTA hierarchy are not happy with the disparity of players wages and the obscene £25K per month retainer for David Dein.What on earth is going on when only now are they getting concerned.Perhaps they thought at the start of the season that this outlay would pave the way to the £120million Premier league.Very worrying that such naivety should now surface.

  • One other fact that shouldn’t be overlooked tonight is the case of Barnsley.Todays takeover by Chinese Billionaires has resulted in their first priority-namely securing on a very long contract for their prized asset-manager Paul Heckingbottom.What did we do? Sack Gary Rowett.Is it any wonder why I am finding myself rapidly disliking the club.

  • Ohio. I was talking to a Derby County fan recently, and it seems GR is dividing opinion among their fans regardless of their winning streak due to his style of play. Sounds very familiar! I remember we were also in the same lofty position as them and yet still finished mid-table come May. Will be interesting to see how far he takes them, and exactly how much of a mistake it was to sack him? Only time will tell…..

  • Interesting they release Cotterill when they could’ve sold him in 11 days. Even if they got £100k for him it would make more sense than paying out his contract. Cotterill is IMO exactly the sort we need to put crosses into the box.

  • BS1980.When HR summer signings emerged, it was widely reported that the following players had doubled or in some cases trebled their wages.Examples:- Stockdale £39K per week on long contract, Jota £40K on long term and Gallagher on £40K loan wages. Plus Dean and Colin getting huge wages on two/three years.Hope this clarifies a little.

  • Also it is worth looking at the Often Partisan comments made regarding the massive wage increase so far from £16m to £22m at St Andrews. Disparities of wages at our club is a major,major reason why we see such awful individual performances on the pitch.If we were Barca or Real Madrid then understandable but not at a club such as ours.

  • Ohio. It would clarify things better if you pointed me to the source (widely reported) so I can read it for myself and therefore make an informed decision – after analysing whether I believe the source and info provided to be credible or not? Otherwise I am having to accept things at face value which isn’t very helpful. I will have a look at the Often Partisan website today thanks.

  • Ohio.Am I missing something? As I can’t find anything on OP relevant for 2017. Most information is regarding the CY situation.

  • Ohio. My early thoughts on wage disparity in football doesn’t see any problem tbh. Isn’t that just life generally in a capitalist supply and demand culture? Those with a winning mentality accept this and strive to do better. If Joe Bloggs is on more money, then you train harder to improve your game so you can demand a pay rise when next negotiating your contract. Players were brought into this club to get us in the prem; which means a change in mentality is needed throughout the club – including the fans.
    You cite Barca etc, but you really could have named any club in the premier league. Do you believe Sandro Ramirez is crying in his cornflakes over not earning as much as Wayne Rooney? Do you think Burnley are paying Chris Woods the same as Ashley Barnes for instance? And they are no massive club. Look at Wolves, do you think the new foreign players are on the same money as the existing squad? And do you here any rumours about players complaining at Wolves? No you don’t; and look at them now looking like a prem team in every way.
    If you are correct about wage disparity at Blues being a major problem then those causing problems need to be cut out like a cancer, so we can all move forward with a bigger mentality – a premier league mentality.

  • BS.Are you aware of the Often Partisan website? In particular the name Daniel Ivery.He is clued up on all the finances,our owners etc.I receive a regular newsletter that gives me all the necessary information that enables me to make my own informed decisions on what is going on at Stans.Also worth watching his latest YouTube video released yesterday.Go to YouTube Often Partisan or Almajir.

  • Ohio. I am aware of OP and the man behind it and the book he wrote on CY etc. I have just watched the youtube vid from yesterday where he pretty much states from the start that he is ‘not in the know’ theses days as he lives abroad, is too busy with work, doesn’t go to any of the matches, and so finding out what is true or rumour is difficult for him. He basically said in summary, he doesn’t know what the whole truth is, in fact no one does except those in HK, and used the analogy of having just 50 pieces of a 1000 piece jigsaw. So by his own admission he is guessing most of the time. I am not being funny, but citing someone as a credible source for informed decisions who admits himself he is not a credible source is somewhat questionable. I don’t have a problem with people giving their opinion, as long as they term it as so. I wouldn’t claim to know what certain players are earning without any real proof personally. And after listening to Almajir neither would he.

  • BS. Go to click on Recent Posts.Then click on BCFC accounts analysis.Read about the wages rising from £15m to £22m in a very short time span.Add that to what I have been trying to explain – then read between the lines and you have a fairly accurate assessment of it all.What I would also add is that £ quoted in another Recent Posts by Almajir is quite alarming.Finally,it is not my opinion,it is what is being published in the accounts and I for one(and this is my opinion) that our financial position will be perilous should relegation happen.

  • Ohio. I don’t think you quite understand what I am questioning even though I have tried to make it very clear. I asked you for the info re: your claim: Examples:- Stockdale £39K per week on long contract, Jota £40K on long term and Gallagher on £40K loan wages. You have been quite specific in what you have said, so I asked you for the evidence. Which so far you have failed to provide me.
    I’m not interested in the overall wage bill, I accept it has risen. I also accept we will suffer financially if relegated (everyone does) albeit not as severe as you suggest, but I’m no expert in money matters so you may well be right. But to make such a financial projection (perilous) surely we need to know how much money the owners have to spend?

  • BS.JUST Google Sam Gallagher loan to Birmingham wages.There you will see he is actually on £43K per week.All major daily papers reported this,e.g. Mail online,Daily Mirror.It is all there if you delve.Same goes for Jota, and Stockdale who is on £1.8m over three years.It takes time I agree and foraging,but it’s all there. Same goes for TTA- very fragmented lot with no base,no address,no contact point-just two names Xuandong Ren and Paul Suen.What I have found out leads me to believe that £64m is what is needed to fund us over the next 2/3 years.Will they do it? Imo.Not if we are league One.

  • Ohio. I have given up trying to understand who TTA are. It would probably be easier to uncover stuff about the Masons!! Thank you for the leads to wages info. League One will be a disaster for all concerned especially us fans. I remember being in the lower leagues before and losing to villa in a two legged cup tie 6 nil and 7 nil – dark days indeed.

  • Ohio. some say Gallagher is 43k and some say 30k. This is what I find frustrating when trying to get to the truth. I think I will accept he is on a lot of money for a 21 year old and leave it at that. And now SC decision to play him wide seems even more strange. To justify his wages he should be given every chance to score as many goals as possible. I know he wants to ‘play up top’ as he puts it.

  • BS.Yes I remember those dark days in league One too well.What really troubles me is that my gut instinct keeps warning me that we could be in bother at anytime.Not league wise,but ownership wise with all that may come with it. Hopefully that will not happen,but just not at ease with any of it.

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