Date: 12th May 2015 at 9:26am
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It’s a debate that is had right throughout football, do you only play your in-form players? or is it more important to play your fit and happy players, and good form will flow from a positive camp? Well Rowett has revealed that Birmingham are doing things the latter way round and – its working.

Rowett and his staff are more focused on having players conduct themselves with confidence above all else. Players are encouraged to follow a team first ethos and are never given a dressing down for a mistake they make on the field.

‘I want them to work as hard as they can, try things on the pitch, and if they don’t come off then I will never, ever berate them.

‘We try to instill a bit of confidence and I think the players have grown in confidence, they have grown in belief.
he told

As you will remember under Clark, it was a constant chop and change system in an attempt to find a winning formula, but based on Rowett’s success it would suggest that something quite the opposite works better.

It is certainly noticeable that the players are enjoying their football and that seems to of have a positive correlation with a dramatic up turn in form from largely the same group of players.

For the Rowett years we are about to embark on it may be a reoccurring theme that Birmingham are a club that will try to get the best out of a player that is seemingly surplus at another club – case and point would be David Davis, Robert Tesche and so on.

But the way Rowett operates seems to be absolutely perfect for that. Players at Birmingham are within an environment where they feel comfortable and can play their best football.

Birmingham City is obviously now a completely different place to be for its playing staff and as a result are in a completely different place in the league.

Meanwhile a quick check on former boss Clark’s plight and he took down a poor Blackpool side. Yes again he had a difficult job in difficult circumstances, but two jobs have both now gone the same way whilst Rowett has done a rescue job here. I know much method of team management I see as the most effective.

Which way round do you prefer? does form bring happiness or does it have to happen the other way around.

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