Date: 28th October 2018 at 12:31pm
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There are times when gloating is unacceptable, churlish and best left to the playground. On the other hand, when you see our friends over at Aston Villa continue in freefall while at the same time we Blues nudge ahead in the Championship leader-board then the odd gloat is, in my mind , fine and dandy.

You don’t mind if today, and for the rest of the week I walk around with a smile on my chops and wave my hips as if in a swaggering motion, do you?

Friday 26 October 2018

Queens Park Rangers 1-0 Aston Villa

Saturday 27 October 2018

Birmingham City 3-1 Sheffield Wednesday

Birmingham City  –  Sheffield Wednesday Live Score

My colleagues match report, if you want to read it is available if you click/tap here.


Player Ratings

Gary Monk gives an honest assessment of our 3-1 victory and credits his players for their second-half turnaround.

Player reactions

Live Championship standings

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Derby County (A)

Saturday 3 November 2018.

Come on you BLUES!


32 Replies to “City Win, The Villa Lose Oh City, Forever Singing The Blues”

  • We don’t have to gloat. Firstly its lowering ourselves to their level . Nothing pisses off the Villa more than us not losing. There is never trouble at a Derby if they win. They are just another club in a list of 23 who do not want us to succeed .
    Their Manager was one of many fans who were happy for Villa to lose if it affected us badly. Had they got a point at QPR we would be two points better of over QPR. Our closest rivals are the next match. Whoever we beat we only get three points. Until the authorities allow full houses with reasonable kick off times we don’t need them. Better they are out the division which ever way.

  • Why do we like taking a dig at the Vile? because we’re Blue’s and there shite. What’s the 1st thing you do when the games finished? Check and hope the Vile have lost. All this crap about not rubbing it in is utter System

  • I don’t support Blues so that I can have a dig at Villa. Yes I want us to finish on top but I don’t worry about them or what they are doing. If they fall they full if they don’t they don’t don’t bother me ever way. Couldn’t care less about them.

  • I don’t like villa fan boys I don’t like the media for the way they always big them up. I don’t like anything about them they are a bunch of deluded nob heads.

    I love Blues for good or bad and that’s that. And always will no matter what happens ore where we are.

    Been a Supporter since 1968 never mist a game. I even discharged myself from hospital with a broken leg and 5 fractured ribs to go to the carling cup final.

    Love the Blues KRO.

  • Villa are insignificant to me so I don’t care what happens with them. All I care about is Blues after my family but. Family comes first.

  • Gloating Is OK. We deserve to be where we are. I do check in hope that vile lost. It’s normal vile fan boys won’t admit it but they all do that they want us to get relegated so I want the to get relegated. It’s what they deserve. It would be a massive time to gloat if we when the up and they when down. Do you think they would not gloat if the shoe was on the other foot. KRO

  • Gloating Is OK. We deserve to be where we are. I do check in hope that vile lost. It’s normal vile fan boys won’t admit it but they all do that they want us to get relegated so I want the to get relegated. It’s what they deserve. It would be a massive time to gloat if we went up and they went down. Do you think they would not gloat if the shoe was on the other foot. KRO

  • If you think a few wins is going to keep you above the Villa then your not looking at the full picture. Dean Smith has got us playing quality football and results will come very quickly. We are now ready to push on and rip teams apart.
    But be happy with your league position as form is temporary but class is permanent
    You will always be in our shadow as at best your a champo team
    Just remember 42,000 turned up at Villa Park too welcome Dean to our great club. You lot can only dream of such a backing

    • 42k my A$$ where are they on match day you bull shiter. Playing good football are you well you’re losing games so it can’t be all that good. You will start ripping teams apart boat make me laugh you clown. The only thing temporary is your manager. And don’t forget you are looking up to us now do we cast a big shadow. Villa are now a mid table championship club for the foreseeable future. Get use to it vile scum. SOTV.

    • We have had a lot more than a few wins my frend. So it’s you not looking at the full picture. And you’re playing quality football that loses games what is quality about that you dunce. If you are happy with that then that’s great news for us haha. Dean Smith as never dune anything name one team he as got promoted Out the championship. He is a quick fix that will brake the bank even further and then be sacked make my words. SOTV.

    • You’re deluded ignorant & fickle vile scum. You have no clue what you are talking about going play out with your frends you are not needed here. SOTV.

  • Blues are my life,but how sad this site has become.Younger fans and I mean grandchildren etc surely must be protected at such hatred and filthy comments. Rivalry is and always has been part of our world but this new hatred of our rivals is very classless. Jimmo is a prime example.Would any self respecting parent or grandparent like our younger generation of blues supporters to read his comments.

  • Forecast for B9…. Bright and sunny, Record High’s for the foreseeable future……
    Forecast for B6…. Gloomy, Overcast and record Lows.. No change throughout November or foreseeable future

  • Again Dave Hanson you really have to watch these comments. Court injunctions could close this site
    down if proved it crosses the abuse stage.Surely you have a legal team in place as if not seek advice. New legislation can impose rocket fines not only for the Vital site but for the individual who allows the comments to be published.Simple solution is ‘await publication ‘by vetting first. Steveavfc is the second in 24 hours to have given the necessary ‘Report Abuse’ action not only for himself but for the website who condones such offensive language.

    • Comment noted Hatton. I wasn’t online last night and so I couldn’t act however, I have now and deleted that message.

      Why people post such comments bewilders me. Oh well, it takes all sorts I suppose.

      Some Vital site comments need to be authorised before they end up being visible and so I think I need to speak to the hierarchy to see if we can have something in place here.

      • Suggest Dave that hierarchy speaks with Daniel Ivery who operated his own Often Partisan site. He knew how to put in place what needs to be done.

          • What we need is a way to stop trolls comming on here then people will not retaliate to them so it stays nice and clean. No Villa trolls like (steveavfc) on here it Olney changed when he posted his little dig.

        • Daniel Ivery ? Why that guy is just out for self glory. He I’m self gets nasty with people he is no sant. This is a Football forum you are going to get banter it’s expected.

    • @Hatton I want you to explain why you singled me out. And what in my comment upset you. I don’t feel I have said or posted anything out of order or abusive. Please explain? ?

      • Jimmo.your comments that Dave Hanson has deleted used the F word twice .Surely if you read it back to yourself you will understand.

    • We don’t need baby sitting If you don’t like what is on here you don’t have to read it. I have read all the comments and non of them are anything like what you’re saying they are. And trust me the youth of today use far more bad language than anything you will read on here and very much more at a Football match . KRO.

  • Waycool.If there was anyone who would condone foul language on a site such as this,then it would be you. You have a history of such behaviour over the years of Often Partisan.It is little wonder you dislike Daniel Ivery,as he had to moderate your comments from time to time.

  • Some of Often Partisan followers such as myself switched to this Vital site when OP closed. Rob Wildey appealed as his blogs were good.Dave Hanson deserves a fair crack now,so let’s not make his life difficult by comments that incite nastiness and foul language. Banter on the old OP were good with characters such as Dave Mann,Richard Granfield,David Village,Mitchell etc. Time to get Vital on similar lines.Its up to us to raise the bar.

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