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Catastrophe Camp: Blues’ number one is on his final chance to prove his worth

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I think the phrase is ‘breaking point’.

That’s the stage I’ve reached when it comes to Lee Camp.

You may have already seen the goal from last night, but just in case you haven’t, you can watch it here.

Now I feel I should stress at this point, when I first spoke about the goalkeeping position at the beginning of the campaign, I was pointing out that David Stockdale was statistically better than Camp, and that’s why I thought he should be the number one.

After his display last night, and the lack of effort he showed for Derby County’s first goal on Saturday, I think it’s fair to say that he has run out of chances. The fact that he is still in goal, and I can’t believe I’m saying this because I like the guy, quite frankly smacks of bad management from Pep Clotet.

Sadly, despite all this, it looks like he is going to be sticking with Camp for the foreseeable future. Speaking to after the game, Clotet said:

“I understand when that happens you get criticism, as a professional it’s about handling that and focusing on your ability to do well. I don’t think his confidence will be affected because when you value everything he has done so far I think he has started the league very, very well – on a really good level, on a better level than last season. We need to value what he has done the whole season.”

With the international break coming up, the time off would be a fantastic time to introduce a new goalkeeper into the fold, to get him used to playing with the team. Which is why in my mind, this Friday’s game against Middlesbrough must his absolute final chance. If he continues to make mistakes, then he must make way to see if someone else can do the job better.

What about you? Was his error last night the final straw for you when it comes to Lee Camp? Or do you think that he deserves another chance?

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