Date: 23rd May 2018 at 7:00pm
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With Financial Fair Play restrictions limiting Garry Monk’s ability to reshape the squad, we are likely to see a number of players leaving St Andrews this summer.

High wage earners like David Stockdale have already been tipped to leave as the manager looks to shake things up.

Fans on Twitter have been involved in some lively debate over who the club should sell:


We have to keep our best players so I can’t agree with the few who are advocating letting Jacques Maghoma leave. Stockdale, N’Doye and others are more likely to go.

I am wary of wholesale changes as we have experienced a huge turnover of players in recent seasons, which has no doubt also played a role in us struggling at the wrong end of the table. Some stability is also required.

Of course, we need to make some significant improvements, and I am sure Monk knows which positions we need to upgrade.


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  • Not much value in any of those names apart from Adams who we need to keep because he isn’t on big wages. Gardner is on 30k and Ndoye much the same. Jota didn’t get a mention yet he is on big money for someone so lightweight and predictable plus has very little in his locker. We got mugged with Redknapp recruiting and it will take some sorting out.

    • cash in on adams. we would be lucky to get 5 mill for him with his injury records and his nack of getting red cards. 5 mill adams, hopefully 7-8 with the butland sale, ndoye give away and roberts back to barnsley for 2 mill. stockdale to leeds for 1 million

  • I think some of our supporters have lost the plot with the names mentioned who should leave. To even suggest Maghoma and Davis is ridiculous and it’s players like these we need to keep if we are serious about improving. Yes I agree with Ndoye, Gardner etc and ok we may not get a great deal of cash but we will be getting them off the wage bill.

  • Nobody in our squad is not replaceable. The plague of Redknapp will be with us for a long time. eg Who would give us a fee for Roberts or Davis or Ndoye or Juke and pay them what we do? We will be paying all of them to leave.

  • I’d agree with some of stblues, Ndoye and Roberts simply not good enough, Gardener maybe worth another season to come off the bench, he still has the passion at the moment. Not in a million years at this stage would I sell Maghoma. I’m confused by the possible departure of Stockdale as I can’t see a decent replacement. If it’s about saving money, then maybe Jota could be cashed in? Adams for another season and see how Vassell gets on, with a noteworthy chance..

  • Roberts, Gardner, Ndoye, Tesche, Fabbrini, Brock-Madsen, Grounds though not all of them would bring in fees

    Get Bjelland from Brentford on a free. Leftfooted CB who can also play left back
    Marcus Maddison from Peterborough and perhaps Marriott would be good additions

  • As that snapshot of supporters opinions shows, everyone’s got different ideas.
    That’s what happened with all the different types of managers we’ve had, they’ve all bought in different types of players, resulting in us now having an unbalanced 1st team squad in excess of 36.
    I know Monk probably had the new manager bounce, but I think he’s our best fit since Rowett, in fact , the way he appears to be turning out, it probably was the right decision to get rid of him, I didn’t think it at the time, but we probably dodged a bullet.
    I like the way Monks bringing the youngsters in, Hardings done really well, and Seddon, Lubala, Bailey and Lakin etc, are breaking through.
    There’s a decision to be made on who he keeps of the returning loaned out players.
    He’s got a lot of tough decisions to make.
    I don’t envy him one bit, because whatever he does, someone will have a different opinion.
    Of course I’ve got mine , a clear out of anything up to a dozen, even more, and around 6 ins, see what I mean, but my strongest opinion is, Monk will get it right, I certainly don’t see another season of struggle, in fact I can see us getting top 6, at least,so no pressure there then.
    There’s a few who I hope we keep, but Monks got to be given time to shape his own squad, bring his own players in, and we’ll be fine.

  • What about Jota? The number of decent games he has had you could count on one hand! Nowhere near paying off what he cost us. We would be lucky to get half if we sold him but reckon he’s on a big wage.

  • Definitely Gardner, N’doye, Roberts, and probably Jota – not one of them worth the money they are on. We already know Stockdale and Grounds will be gone. Ditto all the loanees bar perhaps Keita. If someone came in with 10 million plus for Che I’d take it.

  • N’Doye, Roberts and all the defence need to go buy a new defence, as for goalie Kuszack 1 more season or get rid. Keep Tesche Fabbrini Magz Adam and Gardner cant get rid of them unless they gone already i think that Jota needs to improve alot but not sold either. Just the defence needs improving that 2010/ 2011 we need a Murphy Carr Dann Johnson kinda defence back and we shoulda kept (brought) Myhill when Foster went to West Brom.

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