Date: 10th November 2019 at 8:00pm
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For too long Birmingham City supporters have been amazingly kind to our number one goalkeeper Lee Camp.

Yes, he is a character and yes, he has pulled off some good saves, but that is where the accolades stop. Birmingham City simply deserve a better keeper.

Yesterday’s latest clanger against Fulham, proved yet again that this keeper regularly costs us points. We could, of course, start scoring goals to compensate for his errors, but this would only mask the problem within the team.

Do we have a better keeper at the club is the question with Trueman, Stockdale and the hidden away Ramos the recognised trio. My feeling is that we haven’t.

Supporting Blues over the decades, history has shown us that we have always had decent to above average goalkeepers, with supporters readily remembering them with esteem and in some cases almost legend like status.

Today we have a Kamikaze situation whereby, those on and off the pitch, await the next horror show. Lee Camp will cost jobs. Clotet will probably go if a straight third defeat is forthcoming and our league position plummets, particularly if another keeper error is the cause.

We can all forgive and understand defeats that are collective within the team, but this player can self destruct in a second and cost everyone. Trust has gone in my opinion, his time is up and Clotet, if he survives until the next window, must find a reliable goalkeeper.

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10 Replies to “Camp’s Clangers Now A Bridge Too Far For Birmingham”

  • At last the ball is rolling to rid us of this hapless player. He doesn’t look right,doesn’t resemble or inspire as a keeper. How on earth he has made a living out of all this is bewildering.Huddersfield away is in two weeks time,just get Ramos and Stockdale to battle it out who should start. Wast Hills tomorrow is where the goalkeeping coach must earn his wages and get one of them up to speed.

  • Clangers and Camp are exactly that. What Clotet must realise is that it is simply not fair on the players who try hard to score and just might have to settle for a point,only for the regular horrors from Camp to sabotage even that. Supporters will understand if Stockdale or Ramos steps up and prove not brilliant.What we cannot accept is this continual buffoonery.

  • Blame this on Monk – Pep inherited this mess but should have made keeper and striker as major priorities in the Summer rather than bringing mid-fielders and some mates from Spain.

  • Agree, should have made Trueman the close season when we had the chance and whats more we cant afford anymore slips by the Team because if we do not go on a run of results starting with Huddersfield we will be cut adrift from the top 6 altogether as we are 6 points behind now with negative goal difference. What I cant figure out is how come Preston who are not I quote a “big team” can find strikers and midfielders who score for fun ?? is their scouting system better than ours ??? is their Manager better than ours ??? yes probably and is their coaching better than ours??? I do admire their success so far because they are a well run Club from top to bottom.

  • Again good points made Tracey. You are right on all counts. Preston and teams like Sheffield United have retained that traditional true football thread without the questionable notion of going the continental route. OK if your a Man.City outfit but we are not. Zola and Clotet are the same mould working under owners ‘dream football’. Not the real Championship World. Norwich and Sheffield United knew the system and succeeded. We did it with Bruce and McLeish. This season could be Preston and what another message that would tell you.

    • Great comment. Lets get rid of Pedersen, Sunjic, Villalba, Colin and all the other useless foreigners. Oh hang on they are our best players, and Camp is British.

  • I must admit I’m feeling the same as all the other fans. Lee camp is the weak link and he is costing us a lot of goals, we would be probably higher up the table if it wasn’t for alot of the mistakes that he makes, that pep keeps trying to hide. It’s time to listen to the fans we can see what is happening. New goal keeper please. And a goal scorer.

  • I don’t blame Camp I blame Pep for keep picking him. I don’t blame Camp because he is a journeyman who cannot become any better than he is even if he tried.
    We have an excellent young goalkeeper in England Under19 cap Zachary Jeacock, he needs to be considered.

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