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Brian Dick weighs in on controversial figure at St Andrew’s – Report

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It might not be exactly what I’ve been asking for, but at least he’s somewhat on my side.

The topic of Lee Camp and his place within the Birmingham City goal has ramped up after the recent defeat to Fulham, and journalist Brian Dick has been the latest one to give his view on the matter.

Speaking on Birmingham Live, Dick claimed that not only was it time for change, but he also named the person who should replace Camp going forward:

“Connal Trueman, personally for me, is as close as he’s ever going to be without playing at this stage. I’d like to see him given a few games, just to see if he’s developed from his first two Championship outings at the start of last season. I think these two weeks, have a very close look at Connal Trueman and she if he can instil the faith and the confidence in the back four that just seems to be struggling at the moment”

Personally, whilst I have very much been in favour of giving the role to Moha Ramos, purely because he is on loan and it would give us a look at his potential, I would be more than happy to see this as the option going forward, perhaps with the view of bringing Ramos in towards the end of the season.

That’s what this is all about, the future.

We’ve seen how willing the club has been to give youngsters game time this season, with Jude Bellingham emerging and Odin Bailey making some brief appearances from the academy. Add to that a few other youngsters getting games with the likes of Dan Crowley (22) and Fran Villalba (21), and it’s clear to see that there is a sort of ‘youth movement’ going on at St Andrew’s, so why don’t we extend it to the goalkeepers?

You might as well introduce him now, during the international break so they have some time to get used to their teammates before.

Should Lee Camp finally be dropped?





It’s either that or rush them in once the season restarts, and on the face of it, which one works better?

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