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Brian Dick hints at a possible change for this Saturday with Blues struggling for bodies

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Looks like we may have to start scraping the barrel again.

Although given how high I have been on the players coming through the academy, I don’t see it as scraping the barrel as much as I do giving someone an opportunity.

In response to a question asked by a fan on Twitter about the status of Blues forwards Scott Hogan and Kerim Mrabti ahead of this weekend’s game with Sheffield Wednesday, Blues journalist Brian Dick noted that if neither Hogan or Mrabti are available, he thinks that the club may be forced to dip into the U23 side to make up the shortfall, although he’s not sure which one.

And that’s the question that I want to pose today. What do you think that we should do this weekend if the two men aren’t available?

I spoke the other day that the Hogan injury gave the club the opportunity to start looking ahead to next season, because although I want us to buy him outright, given that he’s only on loan we might not be in that situation.

In my mind we are presented with one of two options. We either keep things as close to the way they have been recently, and just change personnel, or we make some slight tweaks.

To keep things the same, we stick with the 4-4-2 formation we’ve been playing recently and just swap out one goalscorer with another and replace Hogan with Miguel Fernandez, who although he’s a midfielder by trade has been the top scorer for the U23 side this season and can certainly take up the role of poacher with Jutkiewicz as target man.

Failing that, and I know this would probably be the more unlikely situation, but if we can give Jack Concannon another run out in the number ten role behind Jutkiewicz and maybe utilise some of that skill that he’s brought to the U23 side and maybe bring some excitement to the team going forward.

Should the Blues start with one of these two players on Saturday?





What about you? Do you think that the club should go with one of these scenarios? Or do you think they should try a different approach?

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