Date: 14th November 2019 at 7:30pm
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It wasn’t a yes, but it wasn’t a no either.

Which kind of puts things in a rather weird and difficult position at St Andrew’s, and something has to change about it, fast.

Speaking during a recent supports forum attended by director Edward Zheng (via Birmingham Live), the panel asked about whether or not Pep Clotet was likely to see any changes to his title of ‘caretaker head coach’ any time soon, to which they responded:

“As we stated when Pep was appointed, we are not looking for anyone else for the Head Coach position. This still stands. Pep has done a very good job and we have an excellent working relationship with him and his staff.”

This goes back to what I was saying a couple of months ago, there seems to be a weird lack of commitment from the club regarding Clotet’s position, and it leaves a lot of things up in the air, which just isn’t good for the club. If they have so much faith in him, praise what he has done and aren’t looking for anyone to replace him, then why not simply give him the full title of head coach?

What more does he have to do to prove that he is the right man to take the club on?

As I wrote then, I’ll write now. What sort of message does it send out to the players, both those already at the club and those players that the club might be chasing during the January transfer window? It just shows a lack of faith in the boss and it gives the impression that things can change at a moment’s notice. Would you really want to take on a new job if there was a chance he might not be around in a month or so?

No, and players who the club are in negotiations with in January might find themselves in the same situation.

Will Pep Clotet stay in the dugout all season?





Just one small tweak to his job title is all it’s going to take. Once that is sorted out, then it can give the club an opportunity to move forward.

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  • It’s obvious that it’s so if things do not work out they can remove him without it costing the club any money. The players know the situation they’ve been involved long enough now if it was affecting the players in any way you would see evidence of that now. It’s not really a big issue and if things don’t work out the club of saved money. Which will help to bring in somebody who can get the job done. PEP is doing a good job he’s doing what’s asked to him the minute they give him full time I’m managing aerial position things could go wrong and then they’d be sucking him and having to pay him off his contract.

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