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Board are smart in building for the future, but are still behind in one department – Opinion

Image for Board are smart in building for the future, but are still behind in one department – Opinion

Alan Hansen once famously said, “you can’t win anything with kids”.

However, it doesn’t look like the Birmingham City board have paid any attention to that phrase, as they have outlined a clear strategy for how they want the Blues to move forward.

Speaking during a fans forum (via Birmingham Live), the club spoke about how much they value the club’s academy, and how they are hoping to build on that by bringing in a high number of young talents going forward to help bolster the side:

“The Club has generally played a certain way since relegation. This had to change. We have therefore committed to bringing through our talented young players. Our recruitment strategy has a clear focus. Look at the impact our youngest ever player, Jude Bellingham, has made. Odin Bailey too.”

It has to be said, this is really encouraging to hear from the board. It shows that there’s a vision in place that is very much built towards the long term, rather than just focusing on promotion this year, and that if they don’t achieve it, then there’s a core in place to make a substantial challenge in the future.

But on that note, if we’re talking about the future, then we need to talk about the person who, hopefully, will be taking the club through that future and that’s the so-called ‘caretaker head coach Pep Clotet’.

As I spoke about yesterday, the fact that he is still being given that title just sows a little bit of doubt into my mind, and it just doesn’t sit right if the board are serious about taking the club forward. He’s been the young that has been in charge as these young players have come through and helped them develop, putting Bellingham in a position where he’s now getting more mainstream attention, so surely he is the best one to help the club carry on with this vision?

The more and more the club talk about moving forward, the more and more important it becomes that they put the infrastructure in place to make it as easy as possible, and giving Clotet more control over the club, and a change of title to go with it is a simple way of doing it.

Should Pep Clotet be appointed 'head coach' rather than just 'caretaker'?





And if not Clotet, then get rid of him and bring in someone who can. Either way, just clear the whole thing up.

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