Date: 13th September 2009 at 6:06pm
Written by: Chris Handy

…but no prizes for that

In a comparatively bright performance from Blues, they took home nothing. About Gabby ‘Your-Mums-A-*****’ scored a late winner to take all the points back to Aston with them.

Blues remained solid and Villa had almost nothing, the term ‘what’s 0% of 0?’ comes to mind. Credit where credit is due, Richard Dunne looks a solid signing for them but Gary O’Connor did not provide an amicable test.

Villa had no quality on the ball, Young was handled by our new Finish lad in at right back today, Gabby had his usual poor performance. I have a feeling blues only looked as good as Villa allowed us to.

Howard had a poor game bossing things, refusing to let the game run in the early stages and booking people for complaining. I think he doesn’t understand the word Derby match. The prices stayed high and with that the fans stayed home, but what did turn up were fantastic. The Villa fans were kept quiet and the Blues fans and team ran all over them.

The game was a much better advert for Birmingham City than for Aston Villa, Martin O’Neal would tell you that.

With one shot on target in an amount of minutes I will always fail to amount on my fingers, Villa fans have little to run in a poor performance gets three points from one moment of lapse which I would blame on nothing, these things happen.

McLeish’s tactics I agree with, going 4-4-2 would have seen Villa control the game with power and pace, we had to match them man for man, and Benitez was saved due to internationals he had to play, this happens with big money players unfortunately, so subs didn’t come early because there wasn’t much to bring on apart from him.

McFadden was lost at half time, which was the deal breaker for me, his intelligent play was Blue’s only outlet and Villa stayed tight to him. His scan will happen tomorrow and we find out if we are in for a few tough weeks without him or if he will be back for next Saturday. Quedrue is also set for a scan following his break down in the last minute, VitalBrum will update you on those two tomorrow.

My blues prediction on that game, GOALS GOALS GOALS do you know where they are going to come from? I do not

My Villa prediction, assuming they sharpen up a good solid mount for 5th finishing in a disappointing 6th.
Keep Right On and Remember they are a top 6 team, they were bounded to rob us despite their appalling quality.

Alex McLeish said…..
‘It is harsh result, there is no doubt about that. We played really well and got about Villa.

‘I don’t think we allowed them to play at all today. We nullified the threat of Agbonlahor and Young.

‘The difference between us and Villa, in financial clout and quality, is a big gulf but it didn’t look like it today.

‘Their goal was a free header and we have just got to deal with those balls.

‘Roger Johnson was fantastic today but Carew slipped his grasp. But then we have to defend the second ball and that’s often the one that kills you.

‘Players switch off and turn and watch the ball. Agbonlahor turned and slipped his man. We have still got to defend it whether it was a free-kick or not.

‘We have got to be really vigilant in these situations. The Premier League is about concentration, pace and quality and concentration undid us a little bit.

‘We need to pick up points. We are creating chances but we are not putting them in the back of the net. That is costly. But overall I am pleased with the quality we have shown.’

Martin O’Neill said….
‘It was a game of very few chances and it looked to be heading to a stalemate but there is always a possibility, we have players who are capable of scoring goals.

‘It was a terrific goal for us and we tried to go for the win with John coming on and I’m just delighted to have won the game. We had a couple of chances after that but I accept the fact at that stage Birmingham were chasing the game.

‘It was not just his (Carew) presence but his contribution. Obviously we’re delighted to win the game.

‘It was a hard-fought match. We spoke beforehand of being one of relief more than anything else but obviously for our supporters I’m delighted.’


16 Replies to “Blues WIN battle of the stands….”

  • I think I watched a different game to you. I thought the Blues were OK. A developing team starting to look very capable. You’ve had some tough games and not got the points you deserve but taking nothing away from Villa today. To say there was no quality is pretty stupid. At times both teams put together some good passes in a very congested midfield. We could and should have put 1 or maybe 2 past you in the first half following some good moves. Reverting to 4.4.2 made the difference and we should have had at least 2 more goals.

    No shame for blues today – in fact you should be optimistic for the season ahead – but vill were the better team, better quality and just about deserved the win

  • Also, on the Telly the Villa fans were coming through loud and clear so the title of this piece is a bit one eyed too.

  • Bad bloosers me thinks…… I watched on the box rather than pay nearly £50 to dirty my feet and I reckon I was the loudest in my street! 🙂

  • Thought… not that I’m that bothered and to be fair, wasn’t there as I wouldn’t pay £48 basically, that the Villa fans were much clearer first half and Blues fans woke up and were loud in the second half. Healthy sign for Villa to be playing ‘badly’ as suggested above and still running out winners, happy with that, the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd have been past masters at doing that!

  • In response to all of you, This is vitalBRUM so I do write with a Bias, also bare in mind Sky dont show pre kickoff atmosphere (iv seen the play back)
    Your lack of atmosphere is evident when the villa fans failed to conjure a song I could hear, being their of course … and the fact that they place a mic by the villa fans would have a baring on what you hear

    and lastly I was harsh on Villa, they possessed quality but as I didnt make clear, which is my fault, the performance was in contrast to what I would expect from a very talented Aston Villa team

  • I’m a villa fan from the US, so I respect the rivalry between us, but I have to admit that I also pull for City because having more premiership teams in Birmingham can only give the city a higher profile for top talents from around the world which will help the villa get the players to reach the next level

  • We had more chances than you in the first half City fans, overall you were definitely better though and if I wasn’t a Villan through and through I’d have said you were robbed. But I am, so you were robbed :D. It’s not all bad, if you play like that every game you’ll not be going down, solid enough midfield I reckon. Hard to see where your goals are gonna come from though.

  • I’d say you bluenoses did yrselves proud. A right battling derby, not pretty to watch but full of energy. With all your injuries don’t be so down! Actually, we were quiet because of the £48 p*ss take ticket price! I still think it’ll be hard for you to stay up though and will have to rely on other clubs being even worse so you may be lucky! Hope not obviously!!!!

  • Hih prices? You were selling them at £15 quid for adults and £5 for kids and still those were empty. For your next game against Bolton every seat in the ground is £15. If I was a season ticket holder down there I would be spitting feathers. Despite your protestations, it is now more expensive to support the Villa than the b-lose.

  • Voiceoftheholte, Maybe you should do your home work and stop being a “wannabe” middle class ****. Prices were £49 poundish get a grip

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