Date: 25th February 2018 at 5:22pm
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This one was a must win, a game that could possibly set the tone for the rest of the season.

And right from the off, Barnsley looked hungrier than their hosts, snapping into tackles and creating some promising positions – everything Blues didn’t do.

Ollie McBurnie’s opener was the start of a comfortable win. The striker scored both – and saw his penalty saved in between.

The Blues fans blamed Steve Cotterill and, judging by his post match comments, Cotterill blames the fans.

How a manager can claim his players are ‘scared to death’ to play at home is baffling especially given the backing and the patience shown this term.

‘We want Cotterill out’ was the theme tune of the afternoon and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fight his corner.

The fans have seen far too many idiotic interviews, negative tactics and lame excuses. Too much water has gone under the bridge.

As far as the fans are concerned, his position is untenable.

With Blues back in the bottom three, surely the decision has to be made sooner rather than later.

Vital Birmingham Man of the Match: Maxime Colin

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4 Replies to “Blues Tyken to the cleaners”

  • Barnsley played in the first half like blues did in the second …except blues ended with 5 shots on target in the match and Barnsley 4 …and blues ended up with 16 shots to 13 ……so if we had played the second half team in the first half we would have had more control of the game as we had more shots at goal with the second half team

  • Rob,the players are decent,but the manager is not.Jota,Roberts,Dean and Colin were star performers with their previous club.Adams also was under Rowett. We all know that Cotterill needs to be replaced as of last Saturday night.However,let me put this to you.Why does TTA or in my view ,our unknown owners,want Cotterill to continue? It is not a hard question and for me it is a simple one.So before fans bang on about his position being untenable,think outside the box and try to understand why this club wrecking regime wants him to remain.

  • Also adding to my recent comment,can a club spokesperson deny that after the Barnsley debacle our manager was persuaded to carry on.

  • I would like to think they are sounding out his replacement before handing him his P45. I obviously don’t want SC to continue and I doubt LC wants the interim caretaker role again. So maybe keeping him in place for a short time longer is the only option. There is no way they can keep him until the end of the season as the home crowd will just become more and more volatile. If they do keep him regardless of results, then Ohio’s suspicions are clearly true. We will see!

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