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Blues transfer window continues in silence

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This transfer window at Birmingham City has certainly taken on a new dimension since last week’s release of the club’s financial position.

With bewildering figures that are hard to absorb, I for one, am pleased just to have a club in existence. Dropping down the league has also dispelled the expectation of fresh signings in order to mount a serious challenge for a playoff spot.

Acceptance of the club’s situation has resulted in a new calmness of where we are and therefore transfers etc and up to now, the window has been one of extreme quiet. Things change obviously in football and none other than at Blues where literally anything can happen.

This time around however, I feel this window will be regarded as one of caution and a steady approach just to secure safety and hopefully another campaign in the Championship. When a ‘wake up’ call like last week’s finances came to light, it hit home to myself that how much this ‘hobby’ of ours is anything but a simple pastime – more of a way of life.

Between now, and the end of the current season, we will no doubt see more issues thrown up at the club, but hopefully, none which put further anxieties into supporters minds. We have a football club that we live and breathe and we have hopes that one day we will be challenging for better things, but above all, we seek stability.

This transfer window may well produce a few comings and goings but the clamour for exciting new recruits is not in my opinion expected. Get the points for safety, get the players disciplined and get the formations right is the priority.

Next season will be the time for renewed hope.

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