Date: 10th March 2018 at 10:30pm
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Heading into a game against Cardiff City when they’re in this sort of mood would always be difficult.

And Blues did their best to give themselves a mountain to climb by conceding three first half goals.

But having a go with such attacking intent in the second half took some real courage. It would have been easier to go into their shell and wish the game away but Garry Monk’s team took the game to the hosts and at least had two goals to show for their efforts.

Under the previous regieme, perhaps the second half would be all about damage limitation. Yet Monk wanted to see a reaction from his players, a true reflection of what he’s inherited.

Although Blues leave a lot to be desired defensively,today being a prime example, they already look more of a threat going forward. Jota appears to be finding a rhythm too which could be a key factor for the rest of the campaign.

Let’s not get carried away, it’s still seven defeats on the bounce. However, Blues will take heart from pushing promotion hopefuls Cardiff all the way when it seemed completely dead and buried.

Craig Gardner’s penalty and Maxime Colin’s tidy strike late on gave the scoreline – and Blues’ goal difference – a slightly better gloss.

Going into games against Middlesbrough and Cardiff, the expectation was zero points. The reality was also zero points. The next four fixtures – Hull and Ipswich at home, Bolton away and Burton at home are crucial.

With nine games remaining, it’s make or break time. And while it’s not the time to panic just yet, Birmingham City have some enormous season defining games on the horizon.

Vital Birmingham Man of the Match: Jota


19 Replies to “Blues take hope but no points from Welsh capital”

  • 4 games and blues are about equal for shots on target…if blues keep this up the wins and confidence will soar well done blues …it would be nice to see blues go for it 20 minutes before half time as well as towards the end of the match though …but hey we are getting there .,..

  • End of the season cannot come soon enough for me.Seven straight defeats confirms that whoever the manager is we simply do not have the players to compete in this league.Little point in wishful thinking that the final nine games will change things.They won?t. With Tuesday?s round of games for our rivals,on catch up,our target of now 47 points will fall short by 8points. This is not rocket science if you analyse our rivals fixtures.All down to the fact that we don?t have one single striker who can get on the scoresheet.

  • I agree Rob, Boro & Cardiff are not our competition, therefore no need for pessimistic panic. We are already seeing a different Blues under GM, which displays the bottle to have a go, with a never give up attitude. These next four games will show us in a true reflection. 10 -12 points from them should create a gap wide enough to breathe a little easier.

  • BS.How can it create a gap? Even with your suggested wins it still leaves us wanting.Last months capitulation by Millwall and Barnsley did it for me. Yes it would be nice to think that the next four games hold out hope,but reality is that we are desperately dependent on the likes of Bolton and Hull to slip up.They have more about them than us and they are mentally stronger.Remember,the now survival figure is 47 points due to our rivals fixtures. Bit of a statement I will admit,but it will be that figure. We need 17 points from 9 games. Tall order.First thing Monk needs to do,as of yesterday is to reinstate Kuszczak.

  • Ohio agreed, Millwall and (esp.) Barnsley did it for me too. We were basically relegated after the Barnsley match. I had given up and felt depressed and miserable. What is different now? GM of course. Hoping (not expecting) for a footballing miracle. They do happen. Agree on Kuszczak.
    Last time we won a game (or did not lose a game) Groundsy was in the side. His absence has crippled us, the defence is just totally unbalanced since then. I think Kuszczak is much more commanding than Stockdale. That might help. If we lose our next game then we have equalled our all-time league record of 8 straight. That’s not going to happen. I make it 48 points to safety, due to our goal difference. That is 6 wins from 9 (or 5 wins and 3 draws). Doable? Yes. Likely? No.

  • Simply put, Bolton & Hull are irrelevant. Sunderland, Burton & Barnsley are the only teams we have to create a gap from because just 3 teams get relegated.

  • OnTilt, if your suggestion that missing an average player like Grounds is the reason why we can’t win a game we don’t deserve to stay up. I don’t know if I’m missing something here, but every time I see Grounds come up against someone with genuine pace he is all over the place. I just don’t get the hype surrounding Keiftenbeld or Grounds!

  • I never said Grounds was a world class player, just that since he has gone awol the defence is suddenly all over the place. That is actually an observable fact more than an opinion. There are many more reasons why we cannot buy a win, but leaking goals like a sieve recently certainly doesn’t help. If we had come off the pitch yesterday goalless at half-time then we would likely have picked up 3 points. That’s three more than we have now. Yes, this is all stating the obvious but that is how it is.
    Also, why are Bolton and Hull irrelevant?? They are 2 winnable games for us. 6 precious points that could help us reach the magic total.

  • Most pressing issue for me is whether Monk and co.stay around for a League One campaign.Before I give my thoughts on this,I would very much like to know what Rob Wildey thinks.This really is a serious issue.

  • We have had problems defensively all season. If Grounds was so influential we wouldn’t be where we are ? that’s my point, influential players win teams points. I was referring to Hull & Bolton’s league position.

  • Ohio. Maybe waiting to see if we are ACTUALLY in League One next season before giving a commentary would be the sensible thing.

  • Hey don’t give up on us yet , we need to go for wins anything else ain’t no good …so we need to keep attacking …come ON…

  • BS.Over the years we have always had something about us that gives up hope in fending off the dreaded drop.Bolton and Bristol proved that.This time around the situation is so different.Yes the players are better in quality taking each one recruited at some expense.What they don?t have is a will to win,they simply don?t believe they can.Keifenbeld and Davis,together is the hard bone of the team plus Gardner.However they create nothing and more importantly they do not pose any threat to other teams.Adams and Gallagher go through the motions with Boga and Maghoma flattering to deceive-resulting in barely a blues forward player scoring.Overall conclusion is that next 9games will yield 2wins and 2draws at best.My opinion. League One has to be looked at NOW.Any fanciful wait and see view is really quite harmful as IMO,we should get an insight or commitment by Monk as to whether he will be rebuilding for the next season or,as I expect,he will activate a release clause in his contract which I would have expected of him when deciding to come to us.Having experienced last day visits to Bolton and Bristol I have been the supreme optimist,but this season is so very much different.Our players simply do not have it within them to pull the club out of the mire.

  • [League One has to be looked at NOW.Any fanciful wait and see view is really quite harmful as IMO,we should get an insight or commitment by Monk as to whether he will be rebuilding for the next season or,as I expect,he will activate a release clause in his contract which I would have expected of him when deciding to come to us.]…….Ohio the above comments are quite ridiculous. What manager in their right mind is going to start talking about, ‘if we get relegated,’ with so much football still to play? What manager is going to be so unprofessional and pessimistic?………….You were adamant the owners were keeping Cotterill in place, and would sell the club as soon as the season finished. We have been reading your rants for months regarding this. Have you not learnt your lesson from making crazy negative assumptions? Give it a rest man!!

  • Sorry BS,didn?t realise my comments were coming across as rants. Will give it a rest now and hope my findings turn out to be unfounded.

  • Much appreciated Ohio. I’m sure all Blues fans hope your fears prove to be unfounded…….

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